Bonus Father

Be encouraged today to take time to appreciate those who care for you and support you. I had the most amazing relationship with my biological father who was so amazing, caring and always willing to give advice and support my dreams. He is in heaven now and I miss him dearly. I want to give Read More


Find Your Face

When life gets tough, find the courage to move forward. Living your life will involve facing challenges and also facing triumphs. Regardless of what you are facing, take charge, be courageous and face all things with grace. Find your face and live great. Patrice Tankard


Get Healthy Before You Get Sick

  There’s nothing like a good ‘ole fashion tea kettle that whistles when your water is hot. Be sure to invest in one.  Get healthy before you get sick. Tonight’s herbal tea is Roasted Dandelion Root. Here’s to great health! Patrice Tankard

Peacock Limited Time

Limited Time Offer!

Start your summer with fun and take advantage of this limited offer. Catch “Thicker than Water” The Tankards on Peacock streaming now! I am enjoying this opportunity and my other favorite binge-streams are “Downton Abby”, “Paris in Love”, “The Secret Lives of the Super Rich”, “Columbo” and “Jurassic Park”. Stay cool this summer and enjoy Read More

Peaceful Moments

Protect Your Peace

I wake up everyday with excitement and vigor. There’s a certain energy that encompasses that type of mentality. My day starts at 5:00A.M. A warm shower, prayer, meditation, a drink of water,  slow stretches,  and a green smoothie are just parts of my morning routine. Sometimes I read and other times  I sew or write. Read More

Peacock Thickerthanwater

Peacock TV is Streaming The Tankards’ “Thicker Than Water”

Enjoy three seasons of “Thicker Than Water”-The Tankards on Peacock TV!

Peacock Thicker Than Water

Streaming on Peacock TV!

From Ben Tankard: “The Tankards Seasons 1-3 @bravotv will be airing on @peacock starting April 15th. Get yo popcorn , tissue & laughs ready Hunti. Let’s chat about it!”

Parched Oak Bar

The Parched Oak

If you are ever in Florida down in the Volusia County area, be sure to stop in and enjoy the great food and the ambiance of The Parched Oak Restaurant and Bar. I was treated to lunch and had the most amazing experience. The staff was super friendly and accommodating. This restaurant is rustic with Read More

Happily Retired

When I was very young, I got married and had four children. I stayed in the marriage for many years, but decided to divorce and move forward. I give many thanks to God for having children. They are the highlight of my life. My friends often ask, “Patrice, do you think you will ever get Read More

Move Along quietly

We Move Along Quietly…

One of our global partners sent us a note that said, “Patrice, it is amazing how you move along quietly impacting the world, without bringing a lot of attention to your work, but yet the impact is very powerful!” It was such a joy to receive such wonderful feedback from this leader. The more I Read More