Beware of Psychopaths

Once I evaluated my situation and that very wrong relationship that I was in, I walked away. It was the best decision that I ever made and my life upgraded.(I was dealing with a charismatic psychopath. Google it.)Protect your loved ones by educating them. This information is especially important when dating. ¬†Beware of psychopaths. Walk […]

Begin Again

Begin Again


Queen Things

Ladies, We are the most powerful creatures in the universe. We carry life, we are nurturers, we can change situations and there is no limit to our abilities. The key is knowing our worth. Once we realize who we really are, our futures can become brighter. We should never allow anyone to control us, talk […]


Throwback – Yolanda Adams

#throwbackthursdayIn this photo taken a few years ago, Gospel Recording Artist Yolanda Adams, my Sister-in-Love, Debra, and I are hanging out at the Gospel College Choir Music Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Never Settle Meme

Never Settle

Diamond RIng

Decisions, Decisions!

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you were happy and totally content? Have you ever enjoyed that contentment but then suddenly you were presented with a crossroad of extra blessings? What do you do when you have everything thing that you want but you are offered even more? What is your […]


Lemon Raspberry Cake

If you or your loved one likes raspberries and lemons, try this delicious recipe. ¬†Try this light and scrumptious dessert and light up those smiles! Here’s the recipe by Baker by Nature.


Rare Jewel

Be the type of person that people enjoy being around. Be that person that lights up the room and inspire others to be better. People should be happy to see you walk in a room and sad to see you leave. Make an impact on every soul that you encounter. Say words that will change […]


Enjoy the Moment!

Take time to relax, breathe, reflect, think positive thoughts and enjoy the moment. Life is too precious and sometimes too short to worry about things or situations that you have no control of. What you do have control of is how you think, feel and perceive. Inhale peace and exhale fear. Relax. Enjoy life. I […]


Discount Code

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