Get Away From it All

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” Mark 1:35 Sometimes it is necessary to get away from it all and be alone with Jesus. The experience is exhilarating beyond belief. This scripture illustrates a very dramatic […]

Focus Your Eyes


Can They See Me?

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty…” Psalms 91:1 When I was in elementary school there were a couple of children who did not like me. They picked on me everyday, took my lunch money, and threatened to beat me up after school. […]


Keep Your Friends Close

Photo: Me and my friends at a retirement party #friends #educators Take time to spend time with those who love and appreciate you. Great friendships are blessings from heaven. Do not take them for granted. Having great friends is like having earthly angels. Protect your friends. Love on your friends and keep them close. Patrice […]



The word “giddyup” is defined as a word that is used to command a horse to “go ahead or go at a faster pace.”  In this sense, the horse represents your life. Sometimes the pace for success in your life is very slow. Things that can slow your life down are things like procrastination, lack of drive, lack of discipline, the wrong environment, bad habits and other […]


Meet Me In The Room

It’s a place that we can all go. It does not cost any money to travel there.  Everyone alive needs it. It’s one of the largest places in existence and everyone can benefit. We all need to go there because we need to fix things in our personalities, mindsets, situations, thought processes and more. So […]

Happily Retired

When I was very young, I got married and had four children. I stayed in the marriage for many years, but decided to divorce and move forward. I give many thanks to God for having children. They are the highlight of my life. My friends often ask, “Patrice, do you think you will ever get […]


I Am Thankful

“Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.”  I Chronicles 16:8 Today I decided to give thanks to God for things that I normally take for granted. I thank him for breath and movement of the limbs, eyesight, hearing, touch abilities, taste, thinking abilities and many other […]


Let’s Do it Big!

Welcome back, teachers! It’s been a great summer and now it’s time to return to one of the most challenging but most rewarding professions as educators. As we gather at the elaborate  and distinguished Debary Country Club this week for our Annual Breakfast, let’s focus on the goals ahead. We did an awesome job last […]


Happy Sunday!