What you do today affects what happens to you tomorrow or in the future. Whatever you choose for your life in terms of the types of decisions that you make can affect your future. If you make bad decisions, the consequences will show up immediately or in the future. If you make great decisions, the […]


Keep Your Mind Sharp

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Make it work!

More and more it seems that people get frustrated more easily than before. If you ever find yourself sinking in a frustration mode, take time to regroup. Evaluate your concerns and never lose your cool.  Stay calm, breathe and think of happy thoughts. Tap in on your problem-solving skills and make it work!


A Peaceful Saturday

Today, I am enjoying the simple things such as the rays of the sun. I love Saturdays because it gives me a chance to rest and regroup.  Be sure to set aside moments just for you. Let the peace of God bask into your soul and have a peaceful Saturday! Patrice Tankard


Throwback: The Honorary Doctorate Degree

This month three years ago the American Bible University of Atlanta, Georgia , awarded and recognized our work at Notes of Inspiration for Global Empowerment. It was such a blessing and honor in the bestowing of an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity from this prestigious organization, which also has a Bible University in Ghana. Always […]


Do What You Love!

There are 31 more days of school left! Being an educator is one of the most powerful positions in the world. One has the honor and privilege of impacting lives infinitely! I love being a teacher! When you do what you love, it’s not work!❤️ Patrice Tankard #21yearsofservice #highschool #educator #supportfacilitator #livingthedream #livingmybestlife #inspiringlives #youtharethefuture […]


Make Time For Love

If there is someone in your life who loves you and who pushes you to your potential be sure to say thank you. Never take it for granted when you are blessed to have love and support. Never get too busy to spend time with loved ones. Love on the people who make you strong […]


Cheerleading Tryouts

Tonight we’re judging the cheerleading tryouts! Good luck, ladies! #deltonahighschool #dhs #cheerleading #tryouts #cheerleader #cheerleaders #highschool #gowolves #judge #judging #competition #fun #life #highschoollife #inspiration #teachers #students #coaches #blue #silver @ Deltona High School It was such an honor to be asked to judge the cheerleading tryouts. I had a lot of fun doing something that […]

Tankard Family

Happy National Siblings Day!

Happy National Siblings Day! These are my siblings, Ben Tankard and Avaleir Tankard-Simmons and we are Thicker than Water! ❤️❤️❤️ Stay connected to your family and love on them always! Patrice Tankard #theoriginaltankards #patrice #ben #avaleir #thetankards


Throwback – Yolanda Adams

#throwbackthursdayIn this photo taken a few years ago, Gospel Recording Artist Yolanda Adams, my Sister-in-Love, Debra, and I are hanging out at the Gospel College Choir Music Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.