Welcome to Notes of Inspiration!

We are celebrating 6 years of service! We are the top website for daily global inspiration in the world! Thank you for visiting! God bless you. We love you! Check our Celebration Video!


 Welcome to Notes of Inspiration where there is an encouraging word waiting for you everyday! Our mission here at Notes of Inspiration is to encourage you everyday in your walk of life and to bring people together from across the world. We say thank you to over 50 countries that log on every single day!   Thank you so much for dropping by.  We love you and are praying for you. 

Patrice Tankard, Executive Writer,  Notes of Inspiration


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Behave Yourself

“I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O LORD, will I sing.  I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me” I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.  I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes…”  Psalm 101:1-3a

Be encouraged today to make up your mind to walk wisely and justly before the Lord. Sing of his mercy and judgment and understand that there are consequences for your actions whether they are good or evil. Behave yourself wisely and set no evil thing before your eyes(live uprightly before the Lord, guard your heart, your eyes, your ears and your footsteps from evil). Determine today that you will live for God and behave yourself.

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Dig Deep

“In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins” Colossians 1:14

Today I am digging deep inside my mind and soul to forgive those things that I may not have earlier in my life. Sometimes issues linger unnecessarily when we have not forgiven ourselves for something that we did to ourselves or someone else. Sometimes we also hold unforgiveness when others have offended us in some way.  Either way, if this continue to linger within, it creates an “eating away at you” situation. Sooner or later, we wonder why we develop illnesses and discontentment. Today I challenge you to dig deep and dig up the things and issues that cause you spiritual and emotional discomfort. Ask the Lord to heal you and at the same time forgive yourself as well as forgive others.

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No Worries

“The Lord is my light and my salvation: whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalms 27:1

What worries do we have when we know that the Lord is our strength, our light and salvation? We should have no worries. Yes, there are times when we may have a few concerns but this is where it is important to turn things and situations over into the hands of the Lord. As the Lord is our strength, we should not be afraid of anything. Nothing is bigger or greater than God.


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Set it Straight

“For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14

Each of us will be judged on every deed  that we have done whether it is good or evil. We will be judged on things that we have done in secret that we thought that no one knew about. God sees all and will judge us. The believer and the unbeliever alike will have to give an account to God for all that he has done.  Be encouraged today to set your record straight, ask for forgiveness of sin and start all over if you need to. It is not too late to live a moral and ethically sound life for the Lord. God can help you fix everything that is not right in your life, forgive you, and and bless you. Get your life together and set it straight.

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Cry Aloud

“I cry aloud to the Lord; I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy. I pour out my complaint before him; before him I tell my trouble.” Psalms 142:1, 2

In this scripture the individual is overwhelmed, desperate and very troubled in his situation. There are times in our lives when we feel alone and feel that no one understands. We can cry out to the Lord and tell him what our issues are in the time of trouble. I am crying out to the Lord even now and I am reaching for his touch of consolation for things that have troubled me and for being deeply hurt by ones that I trusted.  However, he has pledged himself to be our helper and comforter. We can embrace his mercy and comfort.

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Thank you to the Notes of Inspiration Team!

We are celebrating 6 years of service and is the top website in the world for daily global inspiration! I want to say thank you to my team. They are the greatest! God has richly blessed us! Thank you to all of our partners for visiting. We love you! God bless you!


The Team of NOI


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Thank You, Chestna!

We say thank you to all who visit our site and who celebrated our 6th Anniversary of Notes of Inspiration. Thank you for your kind words and comments. I would like to give special honor to my oldest daughter, Chestna Thomas. She is the one who gave us the name, Notes of Inspiration in 2009 and she set up the website and is the web administrator. N.O.I is connected to two children orphanages in Nagpur, India. Chestna has completed two military tours in Iraq. One of her assignments as a Chaplain assistant involved working with an orphanage in Iraq. The experience and knowledge that she brings to N.O.I are phenomenal. With N.O.I. being a global ministry, Chestna brings valuable insight to our organization. She has traveled to many of the countries that visit our website.She understands the cultures, customs and global lifestyles first hand. Chestna, thank you so much for your hard work, insight, knowledge and enthusiasm in helping us to be successful in the global world.Thank you to all of our partners and be sure to scroll down on this page to catch all of the “behind the scenes” NOI chronicles that you may have missed. There were 20 posts last night and five tonight. This concludes our 6 year celebration. Don’t forget to watch and share our Celebration Video linked here. We love you!
Patrice Tankard, Executive Writer, www.notesofinspiration.com
The Celebration Video!


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Words from Attorney Wale Ekunnusi

Notes of Inspiration is celebrating 6 years of Global Inspiration! Thank you to all of our partners. Here are kind words from one of partners who have been with us from the beginning, Barrister of Nigeria, Africa, Attorney Wale Ekunnusi! For those who missed the video please click on the link: Video:https://youtu.be/BOKHtVkAfbU

Kind words from Barrister/Attorney Wale Ekunnusi:
“It’s a great honour to be part of this great move to impart the world in a most awesome dimension. Notes of Inspiration, as the name connotes has been a source of inspiration to many. Giving hope to the hopeless; restoring joy to those who are down and sorrowful. It has given tremendous lifting to the soul and spirit to many who are beaten and down. Notes of Inspiration is a invaluable gift to the whole wide world. This piece will not be complete without recognizing the passion of the brain behind this monumental success. Patrice, may God bless and keep inspiring you to do more for your world. You are an epitome of doggedness, passion, love and godliness. I am blessed for having a part in your life. You inspire me. To those hands that has been supporting you in your vision, I say thank you and God bless.”


Attorney Wale Ekunnusi, Nigeria, Africa

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Notes of Inspiration Celebrates 6 Years of Service!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you! We love you! ~Patrice Tankard & The Team

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