Greek Cuisine & Chocolate

Celebrating  Little Patrice’s Birthday

Today, I’m celebrating my  “Grand Royal Princess” Little Patrice’s Birthday. She’s turning seven years old. Today we are experiencing Greek Cuisine. She really loves lamb so I will allow her to order whatever she wants on the menu. After that, we are heading over to Pat & Toni’s Chocolate and Sweet Things shop for her favorite dessert. Little Patrice is an honor student in the 2nd Grade and has just been accepted in the Gifted Program. She has just completed Acting & Theater summer camp. She sings, write songs, plays the piano and is preparing to learn how to play the violin. Take time out to enjoy your family and definitely reward them !

Patrice is my first of three “Grand Royals.” People say that grandchildren are better to enjoy than your children. I do not agree. To me it’s the same. I enjoyed raising and spending time with my children and I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. All of them give me immeasurable joy!

Greek Cuisine

We dined at the Santorini Restaurant in downtown Deland, Florida. The atmosphere here is super family friendly and the food is delicious! 


Patrice was fascinated with the paintings of Greece on the walls in the restaurant. 



Patrice decided to have the Greek Gyro (lamb and beef with Greek herbs and spices, served with tomatoes and onions, tzatziki and pita). I also ordered the same. 


The Greek seasoned steak fries were also a hit with Patrice. They were crispy and the taste was earthy and the spices exploded in your mouth with flavor. 

After having a fun-filled lunch with loads of conversation and laughter, we headed over to  the chocolate shop!

Pat & Toni’s Chocolates & Sweet Things

The choices of candy seemed endless. 


‘There were barrels of different types of candies for days!




Patrice decided on the double-dipped mint and chocolate Oreo cookies. The cookie is dipped in mint chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate to even out the minty and slightly bitter taste. Is Little Patrice spoiled by her Nona? Of course! 🙂 

Family is everything. Create memories and celebrate life! 

Patrice Tankard 





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