Treasure Your Friendships

    (Photo: Bishop David Bryant & Patrice Tankard)

It has been almost two years since my childhood friend passed away. David and I met when we were both 10 years old. We stayed in contact with each other through the years. We had great conversations and we discussed each stage of our lives, our relationships, families, education, careers, our failures , our triumphs  and the one thing that we had in common,  and that was ministry.  David  was an outstanding leader and administrator. However, he also had a strong and aggressive personality. Not everyone could get long with him. There were times when he and I had very heated debates about different  topics. Sometimes he would  raise his voice while trying to prove a point. After these heated discussions he would say, “We will never agree on this topic. Now, let me take you out to dinner. We have other things to discuss.”  David was a Bishop and many times he would call me up and ask me to be his musician for certain events. He paid me well and we worked very well in ministry together. As he got older and became ill, I was his chauffeur for about a year in the last years of his life. He needed me to drive him to check on the six churches that he was overseeing. As time passed it was difficult to see him so ill. I’ve known David longer than any of my other friends. When I received word of his passing, it was quite devastating. But the thing that I treasure most are the memories. It is such a blessing to have friends that share in your life, the lives of your family and just the opportunity to enjoy life together in general. I miss the ministry events, the dinners and the conversations about everything under the sun.

Be encouraged to value, cherish and enjoy your friendships. When one have great friendships, be thankful for that small slice of heaven because it is priceless! I miss you,  Bishop David Bryant. Rest In Peace.

Patrice Tankard

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