Quiet Moves

Success is important to most people. Everyone has his or her way of doing things to become great. Be encouraged to keep your goals before you. Some people broadcast their intentions and goals. I do not. I’ve always been a private person. While I may write for social media, it will probably always be encouraging words of empowerment for others. But when it comes down to revealing my goals, plans and aspirations, that will rarely happen. From traveling to dating or getting away or just a simple night out on the town, there will not be any announcements. My friends constantly call,  text or drop by to find out what I have been up to. They accuse me of being mysterious. Maybe I am. I’m always busy working on several projects at once. I’ve learned the discipline of making quiet moves. If you learn how to make quiet moves, it cuts down on drama and it keeps people out of your business. #QuietMoves

Patrice Tankard

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