Write Your Script

Today, it is Saturday and I am in a non-glam mode, no make-up but definitely a relaxing and fun day. I am going over a script that I have been working on for an acting project. In order for me to do a great job in portraying the character, I must study the character and learn the history and time period. Tonight is the big night and my second performance. This is so exciting and fun!

However, this took my mind to another place when it comes to living life to the fullest. If I want to be successful, it will involve making plans and making decisions of what I want to do . It may involve walking away from situations that are not good for my growth. It may also involve being brave enough to challenge myself so that I walk in greatness and always putting God first. But no one is going to chart this path for my life. I have to do it. I have to “write the script” that will put me on the path to make my dreams come true. No one can write your script for your life and your happiness. You have to do it. Focus on your goals. Focus on your dreams. Do not let anyone stop or hinder you. It is your life and not theirs. Write your script and start enjoying life! Until the next post, pick up your pen and write your script. Here’s to life and happiness! Cheers! Happy Saturday! #actorslife

Patrice Tankard

With my script in my hand, I am preparing for tonight’s performance. But I am also preparing for the biggest performance of all….my life and my dreams! Happy Saturday! #writeyourscript #actorslife

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