Healing Can Come in Many Forms

We all need to be healed from something. It could be from physical ailments, emotional scars, soul diseases, or even spiritual sickness. But pay attention to what lifts you. Pharmaceutical  medicines certainly can play a part in helping to heal what ails you. Even holistic and natural remedies are used to make people feel better also. But I am referring to the power of God’s healing gifts that are embedded into the the existence of a person before birth. Yes, there are times when God’s healing power will be used to heal others and many times in places like worship services, maybe in the hospitals or where ever a person who is praying for others decides to go. However, I am speaking about healing gifts that are not of the norm. If you are ever are blessed enough to run into a person who is gifted to heal from birth, you may have walked upon a rare phenomenon.

A person who is born with gifts to heal is peculiar.  He or she has already experienced the intense power of the gifts in childhood and into adulthood. The experiences have mostly come from watching others become healed around him or her. Gifts of healing can come in many forms. For example, a person with these gifts can walk into a room and change the entire atmosphere of the room.  The presence of a person with these natural born gifts can start the healing process in people around him or her without even saying a word. When this person begins to speak, there is healing in the sounds of his or her voice. If this person writes, there is healing in the writings. There is healing in the conversation by the person, there’s healing in the kind gestures, the charity work, the good deeds and anything else this gifted person decides to do. Most of all, there’s healing in the physical touch from this person. There’s a virtue that flows from the soul, voice, deeds, physical touch and all peripherals extending from this person.

It is easy for a person with these type of healing gifts to be overlooked as he or she quietly goes through out the day. There will be no announcements made of his or her presence of these gifts. But one will feel the effects of his or her existence. The energy of this person is overwhelming positive, pleasant and calming. The person with these rare healing gifts from birth may not see just how far in depth the gifts are employed. Many times being born with these gifts is a thankless job because people may not understand why they feel better after leaving the presence of this gifted person. But it should be known that the these gifts of healing come from God. All glory should go to him. The gifted person is just a vessel to be used to help bring supernatural relief from emotional hurt, sickness, diseases and other ailments. Faith is a major part of the process. Believing that healing is possible is the first step for ones who need healing. It is the right thing to do to take care of one’s health by going to the doctor, eating right, exercising, staying away from negative relationships, following up on self care for mental healthcare and stability and all things great health. However, if you are lucky enough to come into the presence of one who is gifted with healing gifts from birth, your experience may be nothing short of a miracle.

Patrice Tankard

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