How Should Schools Reopen?

Hello Awesome Families and Staff,

This is a friendly reminder that the telephone survey from the school district regarding the 2020-2021 school year is today(May 21, 2020.) They need your input for when schools are allowed to reopen.

“There will be one question with four options in the survey. Here are the options:

(1) If you prefer that your child return to traditional face-to-face school with health and safety rules in place,

(2) If you prefer to resume distance learning,

(3) If you prefer a blended approach combining traditional face-to-face school with distance learning,

(4) You are unsure at this time

The phone survey will call your phone today between 6:00P.M and 7:00P.M. Please help us by responding to the survey.” (Volusia County Connect Ed)

Please be on standby with your phone during that hour and vote. Thank you.

Patrice Tankard -Educator/Working from Home

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