Be a Woman that a Man Needs

“…Nor was a man created for the woman, but woman for the man?  (I Corinthians 11:7-9).

“When I am dating or in a relationship with a man, it’s because I want him and not because I need him. I don’t need him. He needs me.”  ~Patrice Tankard

I keep telling my girlfriends who are still single to stop acting desperate. When we have our conversations over lunch or dinner about dating and relationships, they always look at me strange and remind me that I’ve been married before and they haven’t. But the point that I try to get across to them is that being desperate is unattractive. Being desperate sends the wrong message to men. My attitude has always been this: I don’t care if I am in a relationship or not. I don’t care if I’m married or not. I have never been desperate and never will be. It all comes down to self-value. It is not mandatory that I have a boyfriend or husband. Don’t get me wrong. I totally believe in the beautiful institution of marriage. But I also believe that a woman should continue to discover and explore who she is and what her strengths are. There is a lot more to being a woman  than beauty and  the obvious gender blessings. A woman’s character and mannerisms and how she carries herself portrays to the world who she is. While a woman is busy educating herself, helping others, embracing her career, working on her character and beauty, taking good care of herself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially, love will find her.  There’s a big difference between a woman who is walking around fretting over not having a man and a woman who is confident, self-made, successful, happy and living her life to the fullest. It is empowering to understand that the woman was designed for the man and not the man for the woman. She need not despair in her quest in finding and being with a man,  but she should embrace her power of being a woman that a man needs.

Patrice Tankard

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