Birthday Cruise

This is a throwback in 2009 when I took my two youngest daughters on a cruise(My eldest princess was already grown and gone) This birthday vacation was elegant and so much fun. Spending time with family and creating memories should always be priority! Keep creating your life’s story with your loved ones. (Photo: Dinner at the Captain’s table, The Royal Carribean, Monarch of the Seas)

Patrice Tankard

The girls had so much fun enjoying activities like shopping, rock climbing, midnight buffets, games, shows, poolside parties, theater performances, sleeping, relaxing and also hanging out in the “Teens Only, No Parents Allowed” Night Club.

We are riding the Tender into town to go shopping. Ellice is an excellent shopper and has great skills in finding great sales and discounts.

We and our cruise mates are riding the Tender and are all on our way to town for the day’s adventures of shopping, dining and excursions.

Ellice and Kirsten are shopping in the Straw Markets in Nassau, Bahamas.

Some of our cruise mates decided to get their hair braided.


Kirsten is enjoying her 17th Birthday in the Bahamas. I try to teach my daughters to embrace the journey of life and to celebrate the blessing of life everyday!

Ellice has no worries!

Back on the ship there were plenty of activities to enjoy for all ages.

Kirsten is the coolest girl in the Teen’s night club. No parents were allowed in the Teens Night club. I did try to sneak in to check on my girls, but the staff “outed” me and asked me to leave. 🙂 The girls didn’t get back to our suite until 3:00A.M. I was worried while they were gone because that’s what good parents do. But the cruise ship staff made sure that the teens had fun. They danced the night away. Live princesses! Live! #yolo

Having fun in Cococay, Bahamas. Happy 17th Birthday, Kirsten! #JanuaryFourthPrincess #Capricorn #2009BirthdayCruise

Ellice, the youngest Princess, is having fun in Cococay, Bahamas.

Celebrate life with loved ones. Create memories that will last a lifetime. Family is priority. #KirstensBirthdayCruise2009

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