The Rare Black Hammond B3 Organ

“Grant me one of these amazing instruments and you will have my attention for life!” Patrice Tankard

As an organist, it is always such a joy to experience the sound and ambiance of the Hammond B3 Organ and the Leslie Speaker.  You will find these instruments on the stages of the most elite musical concerts of the top artists in the world. There’s no substitute for the sound of a Hammond B3 Organ. These instruments come in different colors and models, but it is vary rare for me to run into one that is of an Ebony hue.  The older the organ, the more classic it is. Hammond Organs were created by Laurens Hammond over 75 years ago. Donald Leslie created the infamous Leslie speaker to refine and magnify the sounds of the Hammond organ. It is important in life to be happy  and to love what you do. I am and I do!

#hammondb3organist  Photos by  L. Turner-Flynt & T. Blackmon

Patrice Tankard

Do what you love!

Always remember that your gifts are not for you. They are for others. You have a responsibility to share them because God gave them to you for that purpose. 

Patrice Tankard 

Hammond B3 Organist 

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