Do Not Be Afraid

“When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” Psalms 56; 3 Have you ever been fearful about things in your life? Do you wonder if you will have enough money for retirement or are you afraid that something may go wrong with your job or situations with your family or friends? Take solace in […]



How do you see yourself? Do you live in the  “box” that people tend to put you in? Do you care what people say about you when you try to move forward or try do something new? How many friends do you have and do they support your dreams?  Sometimes people have a certain image […]


Stay Tuned!

Changing Lives is the Goal

Many people ask me what I would like to do in life. Most do not know that I was born with a passion to help others and have spent my entire life doing so. But it would be great to do it on a much larger and global scale. When I obtain the resources to […]

Healthy Lemonade

Healthy Lemonade

Check out this article! https://www.curejoy.com/content/matcha-lemonade-recipe-will-change-life/


Patrice Tankard’s World

Dare to do something different this year! Be encouraged! Patrice Tankard #patricetankardsworld


Trust Him with Everything

“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; in you I trust, O my God” Psalms 25: 1 In perilous times like these it is quite apparent that trust is a valued jewel and may not often be found. I trust God with my soul and my heart. He will listen to me when […]


Ellice has Launched a You Tube Channel!

Congratulations to Notes of Inspiration’s own Ellice Doane! Ellice is part of the production team for P.T. Productions. Ellice has just launched her own You Tube Channel. Please view, like and subscribe!  Thank you! 🙂 #tankardwomen

The Wait is Over

This is the year for what you have asked and prayed for to manifest. The wait is over. Patrice Tankard



Notes of Inspiration welcomes new visitors from Portugal. We are thankful to have more than 50 countries logging on everyday! The word of the day is “Fellowship.” We should love all people no matter the ethnicity. Getting to know others and fellow-shipping with them allows growth and understanding. Here at Notes of Inspiration all cultures […]