Small Moments

Take time to enjoy simple and small moments of your life. Settling in, lighting a scented candle and enjoying your favorite book, movie, music or other activity can enhance the atmosphere and your mood. Eat better, sleep better and live better.  Patrice Tankard #dailyvacations #relaxation #selfcare#selflove #scented  #candles #lavender#chamomile #health #fitness#possibilities #inspiration#notesofinspiration #serenity #photooftheday #photography#photoshoot #life #love  #beauty#lifestyle #blogger #lifestyleblogger#model   #musician #infused#essentialoils


Appetizer Fresh

My daughter, Princess #2 is visiting from Tennessee. She created this decadent appetizer that was super delicious. She sliced a sweet potato thin and placed it in the toaster. After it became crisp, she loaded her fresh herbs, seasonings and veggies. I don’t know her secret recipe, but each bite was a burst of flavor […]

Pink Grapefruit 1

Pink Grapefruit

If you love pink grapefruit like I do, have you ever tried it with pink Himalayan salt sprinkled on top? The taste is amazing and the salt brings out a sweetness in the grapefruit. Pink Himalayan salt is loaded with over 80 trace minerals along with potassium and iron. It is better than table salt […]

Brian Culbertson

On My Mind

Happy Saturday, my loves! Be safe and know that you are always on my mind. ❤️. . P.T.  (Weekend Vibes by my favorite Smooth Jazz Artist, Brian Culbertson #OnMyMInd“)


What Do You Like?

Dear Partners, You are welcome to send in your comments and suggestions of what you would like to see here on Notes of Inspiration. Our topics and inspirational notes are driven by the needs of our audience. We have several categories and you are to add more categories if you want to. Let us know […]


Relax Healthy

During this time of the pandemic it is important to stay focused on positive thoughts and great health. Today I choose to think happy thoughts, pray for world peace and stay healthy. A fresh salad from Carrabbas Italian restaurant, plant-based raspberry yogurt, a healthy snack and purified water will help to bring a wonderful boost […]


Plain and Simple

If we had more love in the world, we would not be in the predicament that we are in right now and that’s plain and simple. Patrice Tankard


Choose Happiness

Life really is what you make it. Life will never be perfect. There will always be challenges and there will be triumphs. No matter what is happening in your life, you have the opportunity to choose your state of being emotionally and mentally. Think of things, situations and people who bring joy to your soul. […]



If you are blessed to have a space where you dwell, then make the best of that space. It is where your soul resides on this earth and it should be a place of trust and peace. It is up to you to create the atmosphere that will accommodate your needs. However, if that is […]


Know Your Worth

Knowing who you are and remaining true to yourself will enable you to become successful in your journey towards self-realization. Make sure that you are associated with friends and people who see your potential. These individuals should love and care about you enough to encourage you and push you to the next level. They should […]