Take Time To Appreciate

Always remember the one who supports you and who makes your life better. Never take that person for granted. A thought, a note, a compliment and even small gestures can go a long way. Patrice Tankard

Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwich

Happy World Vegan Month!

Happy World Vegan Month! Kudos to all who are able to eat and live the vegan lifestyle, no matter their reasons. I love vegan food and I’m sure one day I will be 100%. Right now it’s about 50%. Well, it’s baby steps for me! Enjoy your life and eat healthy according to your ability. […]

Believe Always

Always Believe

“If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23 In any undertaking in life, your mindset is the key in determining how well you get through challenges, obstacles and successes. Whatever you are going through, it is best to think positive and to believe for the best results than to […]


Your Orchard

What kind of fruit are you bearing in your orchard? Are you producing healthy fruit (positive vibes, love, happiness) or are you producing rotten fruit(hate, jealousy, strife, anger)? Take the time to prune your trees,(cut out bad thoughts and deeds) and fertilize your crops (heal, think positive thoughts, do good deeds) and you will feel […]


Believe That!

No matter your surroundings or the state of the universe, you have to believe that your future is bright regardless of anyone or anything. #BelieveThat PTThis fabulous eyewear is by @shadeddreamz. #patricetankard #gorgeous #luxury #eyewear #fashion #sunglasses #accessories #style#design #beauty #model #musician #producer #lifestyleblogger #shadeddreamz #photography #inspiration #goddessvibes #happiness #positivevibes


Beware of Psychopaths

Once I evaluated my situation and that very wrong relationship that I was in, I walked away. It was the best decision that I ever made and my life upgraded.(I was dealing with a charismatic psychopath. Google it.)Protect your loved ones by educating them. This information is especially important when dating.  Beware of psychopaths. Walk […]

Begin Again

Begin Again


Queen Things

Ladies, We are the most powerful creatures in the universe. We carry life, we are nurturers, we can change situations and there is no limit to our abilities. The key is knowing our worth. Once we realize who we really are, our futures can become brighter. We should never allow anyone to control us, talk […]


Throwback – Yolanda Adams

#throwbackthursdayIn this photo taken a few years ago, Gospel Recording Artist Yolanda Adams, my Sister-in-Love, Debra, and I are hanging out at the Gospel College Choir Music Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Never Settle Meme

Never Settle