Create Memories With Your Children

My daughter Kirsten, posted a memory on my facebook page a while back.   It warmed my heart that she shared a memory that was so precious to her. When we raise children we should nurture, teach them, love them and most of all we should create great memories. It really does make a difference […]

Cardamon Spice

Cardamon Spice

For our health watch category today, please take a look at this article by Danilo Alfaro and the “Spruce Eats” about Cardamon! #stayhealthy


Let No One Take Your Peace

I wake up everyday with excitement and vigor. There’s a certain energy that encompasses that type of mentality. My day starts at 5:00A.M. A warm shower, prayer, meditation,  slow stretches, and a green smoothie are just parts of my morning routine. Sometimes I read and other times  I sew or write. These are wonderful and […]

Great Space

Your Great Space

Ladies, are you confident in every area of your lives? Are you free from drama? Do you experience the peace of living your lives on your own terms? It is very important for a woman to experience the freedom to be herself. When you get to the point when you refuse to listen to naysayers, […]

Meme NOI-2

Are you ready?


Cherish Your Loved Ones

Take time to do what really matters. Spend time with family. Every second counts. Patrice Tankard


James PJ Spraggins

Today’s Listening Party guest is James PJ Spraggins. Sit back and relax and listening to the euphoric sound of this mastermind multi-talented and gifted smooth Jazz musician! #ListeningParty

Something New

Try Something New

Try something new. Travel somewhere you have never been before even if it’s a different section of the town that you live in. Try a new food or drink. Meet new friends. Go to a new restaurant. Read a book from a different genre. Explore life and enjoy it.  You will be happy you did. […]

Jan262020 Two

Stay in Love

Have you told your loved ones that you love them lately? Keep up with your family and friends and stay current and engaged with them. Time is precious and “I Love You” and “I miss you” can go a long way. Stay in touch, stay in friendships, stay engaged and involved, and stay in love! […]


You Have Fallen Heir to Blessings

“He gave them the lands of the nations, and they fell heir to what others had toiled for–” Psalm 105:44 For some of you, this will be the type of year that you will experience. Blessings that you have been waiting on for years will overtake you. Prayers that you have been praying will be […]