Unlock Your Miracle

I will probably never get over this miracle as long as I live. It may not mean a lot to some people, but it would mean a great deal to a musician who has been longing for his or her own instrument. I traveled with a recording choir as an auxiliary keyboardist for years. During […]


Stay on Your Journey this Week.

Half of 2019 is gone already. Did you get a chance to meet some of the goals that you had in mind? Do you still have reservations about starting that business or improving that relationship? Is there anything new that you would like to try? This is the week to meet those things head on. […]


Clear Your Mind

In today’s world, life is so busy and hectic at times. It is important to set aside a time to relax your mind everyday. Even if it is for just ten minutes, it is worth it. Whether it is through meditation or just through being quiet enough to hear your thoughts, a peaceful mind generates […]


Kindness Always Wins

Today, as I was standing in line at Publix to order a Sub, a beautiful elderly woman was in front of me trying to place her order. Because she was in a “Sitting Shopping Cart,” she was not able to see the Deli Technician. As both ladies were trying to see each and practically shouting […]


The Tankards Welcome Prince Marcus Aiden to the Empire!

Prince Marcus Aiden is here! Congratulations, Marcus & Latisha Tankard! The Tankard Empire has welcomed another Prince. May God’s blessings continue to shower upon you and yours even more! ❤️ Love Always, Auntie Patrice #PrinceNumberThree #PrinceMarcusAidenTankard #PastorMarcusAndLatishaTankard #TheTankards #TheEmpireGrows Photos Credit: Marcus & Latisha Tankard Written by Patrice Tankard


Carrabbas’ Take Home Special

Carrabbas Italian Grill:Order any Dine-In Entree and Bring Home Another Entree for Just $10! Limited time only! I am hanging out with friends and we are enjoying the Carrabbas Take home special. It is Summer and it is time to enjoy and have fun! Hurry and in to Carrabbas and Dine in and take an […]


I Can See Clearly Now

After putting it off for the past two years, I decided to get an eye exam. Over the last year it became difficult to read. Reading is my favorite pastime and I was in denial about needing eye correction. When my friends and I would go out to dinner at our favorite hangouts, it was […]


Summer Vacation

Teachers are officially out for the Summer! It is time for fun in the sun, vacations, travel, movies, camping, jet setting, international travel, getaways, time with friends and loved ones, festivals, concerts, and certainly relaxation! Have a fantastic Summer, everyone! 😎✌🏾😎✌🏾❤️❤️ Until the next post, take some time and get away from it all!✈️ Patrice […]


Let’s Go!

What are you waiting for? Your destiny awaits! Go get it! Patrice Tankard



Take time today to think about all of the possibilities that can happen in your life if you did not have obstacles. How can you overcome your obstacles? What are your obstacles? Some obstacles are situations. Some are even circumstances. Some obstacles are people. What can you do to ensure your success and that your […]