Queen Things

Ladies, We are the most powerful creatures in the universe. We carry life, we are nurturers, we can change situations and there is no limit to our abilities. The key is knowing our worth. Once we realize who we really are, our futures can become brighter. We should never allow anyone to control us, talk […]


Saturday Sensation

It is Saturday and having the opportunity to enjoy life, enjoy social gatherings, concerts, dinner parties and the like, I am taking time to relax. Today is a chill day to be at home to multi-task and relax. Today I’m #sewing and mending, #reading, working on my #website, catching up with friends on #social #media and lounging around in #loungewear. […]


Get In Better Shape With Grapes!

Grapes are one of my favorite fruits. Seeded grapes are better for our health. Check out this article from Alkaline Valley Foods! http://alkalinevalleyfoods.com/14-health-benefits-of-seeded-grapes-that-can-save-your-life/


Keep Life Fun!

No matter your challenges today, find time to have some fun. Take time to laugh, love and live free! Patrice Tankard  


Dance Regardless!

Some say to dance like no one is watching. I say to be brave with confidence and  dance like everyone is watching! Dance through the storms and the triumphs. Just be glad that you are alive to dance at all. Treasure life and enjoy it regardless of the challenges. Patrice Tankard


Go Get It!

Do not ask for permission. Do not look for approval. Do not wait on people to give it to you. Go get what you want. It may cost you, but if you want it bad enough, you will have it. Almost everything in my life that I have, I have worked very hard for. Growing […]


Have Fun!

It’s the weekend. Get out and do something fun. Go for a walk, ride a bike, participate in a sport and just embrace pure happiness! Patrice Tankard


Be Proud of Who You Are

Be proud of the things that make you different, even if others judge you or disapprove. No one can be you but you and that makes you beautiful. Enjoy the journey! ❤️😎 #patricetankard #female #woman #african#american #ethiopian #cherokee #mixed #exotic #intelligent  #tall#amazon #sixfeetthree #nerd #curvygirl #bigeyes #highcheekbones#bronzeandcoppertanned  #single #mom #musician #producer #writer#designer #actress #inspiration #notesofinspiration Patrice Tankard


We Love Serving You!

To our Global family, Thank you for allowing us to serve you for ten years. Over 50 countries log on everyday. Keep visiting, keep being inspired and please share the website with others. Much love, Patrice Tankard


I Love You

Happy Love Week!❤️ Tell your love ones just how much you love them every chance you get! Love is wonderful and is the key to happiness. I love you!❤️❤️ (You know who you are) Patrice Tankard