Right Now!

The best time to make a decision about anything is now. Don’t wait until you are forced. Plan ahead. Make plans even if you do not have all of the means to make it happen. Write it down.  Do research. Send out the emails. Make phone the calls. Your dreams can come true and your […]


God is our Help

“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” Psalms 54:4 NIV I love this scripture. It gives me hope and keeps me going. Being happy every day is a wonderful forte for me. It is my personal goal to find a reason to be happy every single day in spite […]


Manifest the Best!

“Always speak and think positive!” Patrice Tankard We are in the midst of hurricane season. We have the opportunity to think, speak and pray for healing and comfort. No matter the situation in your life, always think positive. If you think and speak negative energy you will experience negative results. If you embrace positive thoughts […]