Lunch in Kentucky

As I sat looking out of the window during the flight, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous. This was my first time riding in my brother’s airplane. Ben flew Jewel and I from Tennessee to Kentucky for lunch at the Montana Grille for a family business meeting. He is a great […]


Winter Vacation

Friends and IHOP go hand in hand! My friends and I have two weeks off for vacation. Do things that matter. Enjoy the simple things in life. Spend time with friends and loved ones. Talk about life, laugh a lot, eat, drink and be merry. Live your life happy. Happy Winter vacation and Happy Holidays! […]

Gold Lampchops

Poetic Phoods

If you live in the Houston, Texas area and if you are in need of a Personal Chef, please check out Chef Redd at “Poetic Phoods.” They are “Home of the Original 24K Gold Lollipop Lamb Chops.” It would be worth the experience. Have you ever eaten Gold? Enjoy life and live out loud! Patrice […]

Healthy Food

Fruits and Vegetables

We are in the Fall months and now approaching Winter. Be sure to stay healthy by exercising, getting plenty of fresh air, a good night’s sleep, fellowship with friends and family, engagement into hobbies and work, lots of fun, and by all means eat your fruits and vegetables! Your good health is life! Much love, […]



Keep your health up and fresh by consuming super foods that will make you feel better while improving your overall health. “Whether roasted, juiced, pickled or steamed, beets are a delicious way to add a ton of vitamins, minerals and organic compounds into your diet…” (Spread ’em Kitchen Co.) Beets are beautiful, earthy and are […]

Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwich

Happy World Vegan Month!

Happy World Vegan Month! Kudos to all who are able to eat and live the vegan lifestyle, no matter their reasons. I love vegan food and I’m sure one day I will be 100%. Right now it’s about 50%. Well, it’s baby steps for me! Enjoy your life and eat healthy according to your ability. […]


Lemon Raspberry Cake

If you or your loved one likes raspberries and lemons, try this delicious recipe.  Try this light and scrumptious dessert and light up those smiles! Here’s the recipe by Baker by Nature. https://bakerbynature.com/lemon-raspberry-cake/


Live Longer

Eat healthy everyday. You will feel so much better if you eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and some protein. Drink plenty of water, exercise and sleep well. Live longer. We’re in this together , so let’s go! Patrice Tankard


Relax Healthy

During this time of the pandemic it is important to stay focused on positive thoughts and great health. Today I choose to think happy thoughts, pray for world peace and stay healthy. A fresh salad from Carrabbas Italian restaurant, plant-based raspberry yogurt, a healthy snack and purified water will help to bring a wonderful boost […]


Monday Mood

No cooking tonight. This indulgence is delicious! ✌🏾 Dinner: Veggie & Cheddar Sub on Wheat, Capecod Seasalt Waffle Potatato Chips, Blackcherry Yogurt. #mondaymood #movienight #relaxation #food #foodie #cheddarcheese #spinach #tomatoes #onions #bellpeppers #bananapeppers #jalepeno #blackolives #parmesancheese #lettuce #oliveoil #redwinevinegar #foodphotography #live #love #laugh #beautifullife Try to enjoy moments in your life no matter what’s going […]