Yes, Ladies!


Not Ordinary

“Never love anyone who treats you like you are ordinary.” #Iman I certainly live by these very words. I am not ordinary. I am extraordinary with a plethora of gifts and talents that are globally summoned. My circle is very small and only open to those who have the inclination and understanding to embrace and Read More


My Motto

Iman is a beautiful super model of whom I admire. She stated a quote that I live by and will never forget.  She said, “Never love anyone who treats you like you are ordinary.”  ~Iman Life is too big and important to live ordinarily .  I certainly do not want to  be loved or treated Read More

Balance 1

Finding Balance

This week was one of the best weeks that I’ve experienced in a long time. To be able to connect with wonderful people and to worrk in theater again are exceptional blessings! Life is all about balance. I’m finally finding it. Follow your dreams everyday! #weekendvibes #celebration #saturdaynight #date #balance #happiness #musician #writer #designer #producer Read More

Great Space

Your Great Space

Ladies, are you confident in every area of your lives? Are you free from drama? Do you experience the peace of living your lives on your own terms? It is very important for a woman to experience the freedom to be herself. When you get to the point when you refuse to listen to naysayers, Read More

Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind

You have a beautiful mind and make sure that you stay in charge of how it is operated. These days I see more and more of people trying to gain control of others’ lives. It can be seen in love relationships, it can be experienced from people or organizations in leadership and other places that Read More

Rhinestone mask

Saturday Night

Saturday nights are for going out and having fun. Make sure you stay active socially. Keep living. Keep loving. Have fun always. #patricetankard#saturdaynight #weekend #weekendvibes #musician #producer #rhinestonemask #goddesshairvibes #empressvibes #happiness #notesofinspiration


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday to the man who taught me how to be a great human being. I miss our dad-daughter talks. Thank you dad for all of the lessons, the wisdom, advice and insight. I inherited my intelligence, my calm demeanor and strong character from you. I also inherited your piercing and mysterious eyes. I miss Read More


Make Mother’s Day Easier This Year

Happy Mother’s Day to all nurturers of children. You deserve the very best! If there is someone in your life who is still here for you to appreciate for nurturing you, then please take time to appreciate them. Let me share with you ways in which my children helped to make my life so much Read More


Queen Things

Ladies, We are the most powerful creatures in the universe. We carry life, we are nurturers, we can change situations and there is no limit to our abilities. The key is knowing our worth. Once we realize who we really are, our futures can become brighter. We should never allow anyone to control us, talk Read More