We are Back

We are back from spring break and totally refreshed. Here is hoping that all is well with you. Many thanks goes to our followers and partners who are continually extending birthday wishes and expressions. I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you so much for all that you have done. Until the next post, […]


Spring Break

It is that time of the year. Volusia County, U.S.A, North America is on spring break this week. This is a time for relaxation, a time to get away from the hectic routine and schedules and a time for renewal. I look forward to spring break so that I can travel, spend time with loved […]


Be Free

Live your life without being controlled by others. Make sure that you are a good influence on others. If someone is not a good influence for you, then walk away. I have no problem walking away from situations that are not good for my life. I have no problem bowing out gracefully when I find […]


Look Beyond the Mask

Do you really know the people who say they know you? Do you have discernment? Sometimes people are not who they say they are. Take the time to pay attention to those who are attached to you or who are interested in you. It is important to understand that everyone who approaches you for friendship […]


Be that Person

If you are the type of person who carries good vibes and positive energy, then sometimes just your presence can change the atmosphere when walking into a room, and without even opening your mouth! You can change the world one room at a time. Be that person. #positivevibes #positivethinking #good #energy #presence #change #power #beauty […]


Teachers are Powerful and Influential

Teachers are such a powerful force in the universe. Their influence is infinite. There is one teacher who I remember and who stood out more than any other teacher, including my college professors. In high school I signed up for an elective entitled, “Textiles and Clothing.” This course taught students how to apply the principles […]


Keep Life Fun!

No matter your challenges today, find time to have some fun. Take time to laugh, love and live free! Patrice Tankard  


Dance Regardless!

Some say to dance like no one is watching. I say to be brave with confidence and  dance like everyone is watching! Dance through the storms and the triumphs. Just be glad that you are alive to dance at all. Treasure life and enjoy it regardless of the challenges. Patrice Tankard


Go Get It!

Do not ask for permission. Do not look for approval. Do not wait on people to give it to you. Go get what you want. It may cost you, but if you want it bad enough, you will have it. Almost everything in my life that I have, I have worked very hard for. Growing […]


Have Fun!

It’s the weekend. Get out and do something fun. Go for a walk, ride a bike, participate in a sport and just embrace pure happiness! Patrice Tankard