The season is changing into Fall. This is such a wonderful time of the year. Is this a new season in your life? What are your plans? What do you plan to do with it? You have the power to make life-changing decisions in this moment. Choose your path carefully. I expect the best for […]



If you have spent part of your life being a “diamond in the rough”, then it is now time to experience life to the fullest! It takes growth to move forward and to become what you are gifted to contribute to the world. Live your life according to the untapped potential that you possess inside […]



This a great time to evaluate your life and make plans for your future. It may take being creative because there is so much uncertainty now. However, take one day at a time and continue to focus on your goals. This is the perfect time to regroup. Thanks for stopping by. Patrice Tankard


What Do You Want?

Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your goals? What are your obstacles? Would you consider changing careers? What do you want in your life? Decide what makes you happy and follow your dreams. It’s all about you. Your happiness matters. Patrice Tankard


Walk Softly

There is so much going on in the world. People are enduring more challenges than ever. Take time to listen, be supportive, compassionate and attentive to loved ones and friends around you who need it. Sometimes just a smile can brighten someone’s day. Be considerate of others’ feelings as they should be considerate of yours. […]


Weather Your Storm

Storms come and they also go away. Storms are uncomfortable, noisy and sometimes they cause damage. But be encouraged and know that when storms come in your life, pick yourself back up and trust in God. Reset and restart and keep moving. Weather your storm with prayer and faith. Storms come but they do not […]


School Year 2021-2022

School starts this week for Volusia County, North American. As schools everywhere move forward with this school year, I pray that there will be success, protection, healing, and blessings for all families, students, faculty and the community. Patrice Tankard, High School Educator North America



The word “giddyup” is defined as a word that is used to command a horse to “go ahead or go at a faster pace.”  In this sense, the horse represents your life. Sometimes the pace for success in your life is very slow. Things that can slow your life down are things like procrastination, lack of drive, lack of discipline, the wrong environment, bad habits and other […]


Spread Love

A smile goes a long way. A gentle gesture of kindness is not forgotten. Being compassionate to others gives the greatest impact. I don’t care what society is saying or what the world is doing when it comes down to real love. Love is powerful and love wins. Spread love and not hate. Patrice Tankard


Relationships Take Work

Take the time and maintain the patience to work on your relationships. If you are not being abused verbally, physically, mentally and financially, be sure to take inventory of your relationship. Make a decision to see if your relationship is worth saving. No matter the temptations and distractions that may occur, value the relationship that […]