Press Through

We are now near the end of the year of 2020.  This time last year, most of us made a list of goals or resolutions that we wanted to accomplish by year’s end. There were challenges along the way. However, most of us made an effort to change something for the better in our lives. […]

With All of Your Might

Take a Stand and Carry On

It is important to live life and live it freely. But how many of us are living according to what other expect of us? Do you care what others think about you when it comes down to doing something that is right for you? People may not agree with your goals, dreams, visions, goals or […]



How do you see yourself? Do you live in the  “box” that people tend to put you in? Do you care what people say about you when you try to move forward or try do something new? How many friends do you have and do they support your dreams?  Sometimes people have a certain image […]


Your Production

It’s important to study how productions are put together. There is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes with stage managers, costume designers, stylists, writers, choreographers and the like. That’s how God works for you. He is working behind the scenes preparing your blessings and victories. Just because you can’t see what he’s […]


A New Season

It is a new season. What are you going to do with it? Are you making plans to change something in your life? Now is a good time to reevaluate your future. Take the time to regroup and reset. It starts as a thought first. A thought can become reality. Patrice Tankard

Believe Always

Always Believe

“If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23 In any undertaking in life, your mindset is the key in determining how well you get through challenges, obstacles and successes. Whatever you are going through, it is best to think positive and to believe for the best results than to […]


Your Orchard

What kind of fruit are you bearing in your orchard? Are you producing healthy fruit (positive vibes, love, happiness) or are you producing rotten fruit(hate, jealousy, strife, anger)? Take the time to prune your trees,(cut out bad thoughts and deeds) and fertilize your crops (heal, think positive thoughts, do good deeds) and you will feel […]


Believe That!

No matter your surroundings or the state of the universe, you have to believe that your future is bright regardless of anyone or anything. #BelieveThat PTThis fabulous eyewear is by @shadeddreamz. #patricetankard #gorgeous #luxury #eyewear #fashion #sunglasses #accessories #style#design #beauty #model #musician #producer #lifestyleblogger #shadeddreamz #photography #inspiration #goddessvibes #happiness #positivevibes

Begin Again

Begin Again

Never Settle Meme

Never Settle