Let’s Do it Big!

Welcome back, teachers! It’s been a great summer and now it’s time to return to one of the most challenging but most rewarding professions as educators. As we gather at the elaborate  and distinguished Debary Country Club this week for our Annual Breakfast, let’s focus on the goals ahead. We did an awesome job last […]


Greek Cuisine & Chocolate

Celebrating  Little Patrice’s Birthday Today, I’m celebrating my  “Grand Royal Princess” Little Patrice’s Birthday. She’s turning seven years old. Today we are experiencing Greek Cuisine. She really loves lamb so I will allow her to order whatever she wants on the menu. After that, we are heading over to Pat & Toni’s Chocolate and Sweet […]


Do It Right Now

Patrice Tankard Producer Whatever you want to do in this life, work towards doing it right away. Life is fast and years fly by and before you know it, you’re two decades older. Just yesterday your children were babies. Two days before that you were a teenager. Time waits for no man. So, get up […]

Childhood Friends

Childhood Friends

I met this guy today many summers ago. We were both 10 years old. Through the years we remained friends through each others’ marriages, divorces, children, ministry, troubles and triumphs. He was a friend to the Tankard family for years. My mom would invite him over for dinner when we were in elementary school. There’s […]

Happy FathersDay

Happy Father’s Day!

Because of you I am a great and successful woman. Thank you for the father-daughter talks, your leadership skills and your calm demeanor of which I inherited. I also inherited from you these huge, gorgeous, penetrating and piercing eyes in which you said may get me in trouble at times. 🙂 I miss and love you dad. […]

Tankard Family

The Tankard Reunion

It was great to see my brother, Ben Tankard and my sister, Avaleir Tankard Simmons today. We have not been together at the same time in almost 20 years. Love them! I was glad to see my Sis. Jewel Tankard who took this beautiful photo. Love you, Sis!#thetankards #family #patricetankard #ben #ava#notesofinspiration #Thicker Than Water #Bravo TV


You Can Follow Me on Instagram!

You can now follow me on Instagram! Thank you and love you!  Instagram Link:


Memorial Day

We give honor to all of the ones who have served and especially those who have lost their lives so that we can have freedom. Patrice Tankard

Ellice & Justin

Happy Birthday, Ellice!

Photo:(Ellice & her husband, Justin) Today Notes of Inspiration is celebrating one of our own team members. Ellice is gifted in writing skills, music, songwriting, choreography, an outstanding soprano vocalist and many other talents. God bless you and we love you, Ellice! Notes of Inspiration Team


The Beginnings

Notes of Inspiration was founded in 2009. My oldest daughter, Chestna, came up with the name and has been our web administrator from day one. Our website address was my first and last name, which you can see in the photo. But after going global in 30 days with over 32,000 visitors, we decided to […]