Get Healthy Before You Get Sick

  There’s nothing like a good ‘ole fashion tea kettle that whistles when your water is hot. Be sure to invest in one. The winter will be harsh this season. Get healthy before you get sick. Tonight’s herbal tea is Roasted Dandelion Root. Here’s to great health! Patrice Tankard, Executive Writer,www.notesofinspiration.com


Let’s eat healthier this year.

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Healing Can Come in Many Forms

We all need to be healed from something. It could be from physical ailments, emotional scars, soul diseases, or even spiritual sickness. But pay attention to what lifts you. Pharmaceutical  medicines certainly can play a part in helping to heal what ails you. Even holistic and natural remedies are used to make people feel better […]


Alkaline Foods That Protect



Health Watch: Epson Salt

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Vegan Burger

Try This Vegan Burger

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Kale is an Impressive Super Food.



Look Younger

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People Seeking Diabetes Treatment Should Eat Apples, According To Studies

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