Making Decisions

What are you going to do with your life from this day forward? Have you met your goals for 2018 yet? Do you have any new goals? Will you change your career? Do you plan on meeting new friends? Are you happy with the friendships and/or relationships that you are in right now? It is […]


Inspiring Lives is Priority

The good human spirit is the most precious thing on earth. Being kind matters and changes lives forever. Carolyn Collins is a hero and is making a difference in the world. Patrice Tankard  


Enjoy the View

Sometimes you just have to enjoy the view and know that God’s got this! Enjoy your life. Trust God to handle the hard stuff. Patrice Tankard


Get Healthy Before You Get Sick

  There’s nothing like a good ‘ole fashion tea kettle that whistles when your water is hot. Be sure to invest in one. The winter will be harsh this season. Get healthy before you get sick. Tonight’s herbal tea is Roasted Dandelion Root. Here’s to great health! Patrice Tankard, Executive Writer,


Live Longer

Eat healthy everyday. You will feel so much better if you eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and some protein. Drink plenty of water, exercise and sleep well. Live longer. We’re in this together , so let’s go! Patrice Tankard


Are you Dating? Do your Research.

Patrice Tankard When you are meeting new people and they show interest in your life, make sure that you pay attention to some details. If someone is trying to get to know you on a personal level, take the time to do your research. Be mindful of giving out personal information and location of your […]


Walk in Humility

“Humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life.” Proverbs 22:4 Have you ever met someone who was “stuck up?” The thing that most people don’t like is to have to deal with people who think they are better than others. Boasting and prideful ways can cause one to lose friends […]


Let’s eat healthier this year.

Check out this article from Alkaline Valley Foods! Eating An Apples A Day Can Really Keep Women Healthy, According To Study


Know Your Purpose in Life

Do you know why you are here? Do you know what your purpose in life is? Many people spend their entire lives living miscellaneously and without exploring their talents. We all have something that we can do and to share with the world. The key is to find out what it is, nurture it, learn […]


The Storms of Life

In dealing with storms, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or financial, you have to make important decisions. You must decide how you will handle your storms. You must decide if you are going to evacuate or ride them out. But no matter your decision, always keep the faith and believe for the best and […]