Check Your Vision

Today is a great day. The first thing on my agenda today was to visit the eye doctor. After several eye exams today, it has been determined that I will need glasses. This is such a lifestyle change in that I have never needed any eye correction. However, my eye physician commended me by saying […]


The Respected Musician

#ForMusiciansOnly Most do not realize how many hours are spent by a musician who is preparing for events, gigs, church services, choir rehearsals…etc. For example, by the time I get to someone’s microphone and organ/piano, I’ve spent several hours the night before and 25 to 30 hours the last two weeks, practicing on the instrument, […]


Fire on the Bayou

School is out and my teacher friends and I got together to celebrate immediately after school. We decided to go to “Fire in the Bayou”, a Cajun, New Orleans themed restaurant. With cheers, laughter and joy we reminisced of the challenges and triumphs of the school year. The food was exceptional and our fellowship was […]

Woman a Man Needs

Be a Woman that a Man Needs

“…Nor was a man created for the woman, but woman for the man?  (I Corinthians 11:7-9). “When I am dating or in a relationship with a man, it’s because I want him and not because I need him. I don’t need him. He needs me.”  ~Patrice Tankard I keep telling my girlfriends who are still […]


The After Hours Walk

This past weekend the “After Hours Walk” at the Memorial Hospital & the Burgess Pavilion was spectacular! As cast members of the “White Coats and Caring Hearts” production, we were able to continue Part 2 of the production at these two sites. Our last production was the 2019 Historic Oakdale Walk in the Oakdale Cemetery. […]


Write Your Script

Reviewing the script for tonight’s performance.


You Are Allowed to Leave

Check out this article by my most favorite writer, Rania Naim from Egypt! #writersrule You’re Allowed To Leave 


Alex Bugnon – “Cascade” #listeningparty

Today our guest in the Listening Party is Jazz Pianist Alex Bugnon. Alex is from Caux, Switzerland. Check out his prolific music here and his website. https://www.alexbugnon.com/bio/  

Do What You Love1

Dig Deeper

Do you know all of your capabilities? What are you good at doing? What are your goals? Even if you have done the same thing for the past 20 years, there may be something else that you are good at. Life is about evolving. It is never too late to try something new. I have […]


It’s All About the Journey

If you can appreciate the challenges and the lessons learned, then appreciating rewards and blessings will be easy. It’s all about the journey and not just the destination. Patrice Tankard  #destinedforgreatness#stayonyourpath#stayfocused#itsyourjourney#ownit