There is Still Time

As we come to a close in this year, it is a great time to evaluate the progress of any resolutions that you may have embraced. Do not wait until the new year of 2020 to work on goals that you can start today. If you did not do it this year then get a […]


Mental Vacation

Take time to decompress from the stresses of life by  finding quiet moments in your day. The mind is rapidly and consistently racing with ideas and thoughts of what was, what is and what shall be. Before I start my day, I meditate and quietly envision how I want my day to proceed. It is […]


Your Thoughts Matter

In all your efforts in life, remember to think happy thoughts. You will feel better and hopefully it will relieve stress. Your thoughts have a lot to do with your emotions. Your emotions have a lot to do with your health.  Thinking positive thoughts, meditating and staying calm will improve your happiness. Try it! Patrice […]


Bowling Green, Kentucky

Spend time with family every opportunity that you can. Family is important. Ben flew Jewel and I from Tennessee to Kentucky for lunch at the Montana Grille for a family business meeting. He’s an excellent pilot! #family#thetankards#privateaviation#spendingtime#buildingrelationships


Embrace People Who Love You

Today was such a fantastic day! Embrace the people who support you and make you happy! It is priceless to have a circle of support of people who will enhance your life, protect you, love you and make sure that you are happy!  #workflow# ConsultationNeedsSpecialist #livingthedream #inspiration #live #love #laugh #enjoyyourlife #youonlygetone #patricetankard

Alex Bugnon3

Back in Love

There’s nothing as wonderful as being back in love again! Sit back and relax and listen to the smooth sounds of Alex Bugnon and “Back in Love” #SouthernLiving #ListeningParty #smoothjazz


The Consultant

  Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path.” One the most challenging things in life is to not lean unto our own understanding.  Because we know a lot, sometimes we feel that it […]



While the time will be falling backwards this weekend, be sure to keep leaping forward in following your dreams! 😍 Patrice


Do It Right Now

Patrice Tankard Producer Whatever you want to do in this life, work towards doing it right away. Life is fast and years fly by and before you know it, you’re two decades older. Just yesterday your children were babies. Two days before that you were a teenager. Time waits for no man. So, get up […]


Respect the Wait

Never despise humble beginnings. Starting out small can breed growth, integrity, hard work and patience. Your life can go from a “small airplane journey to a large private jet excursion” if you just keep striving. Success takes time and sometimes while you are grinding you also have to wait. I heard a sophisticated leader say […]