There is nothing like the feeling that you get when you know you that made the “right” decision at crossroads in your life. Take a chance and choose a road. If it’s the wrong road, then you will never go down it again. That’s a lesson learned. But if it’s the right road it’s a […]


Let’s Stay in Touch!

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Spontaneous Enjoyment

Take time out to be spontaneous whenever possible and interrupt the moment.  Spontaneous enjoyment should be a goal at least once a month. Having a routine is important to stay organized. But sometimes it’s just nice to break away from the day to day and the hour to hour to become inspired and refreshed.  Today, […]


Heart Health

Check out this article by Alkaline Valley that talks about eating bay leaves for good heart health!


Let it Go

Do you know exactly how many days you have left to live on this earth? If you knew exactly how many days you had left would you live your life differently? I’ve been on this earth a few decades now and I have learned so much about life. I still do not understand everything but […]



Take time out to go outside and breathe fresh air. Inhale deeply and slowly. Inhale positive thoughts and exhale negative energy. Renew your mind and regroup your thinking. Fresh air is good for you. A fresh life is even better. It’s never too late for either. Patrice Tankard


Smile and Inspire

Yesterday, I was in a grocery store picking up a few items. A guy friend of mine called me on my cell phone and we began to chat as I strolled around with the shopping cart, casually checking off my grocery list.  While pausing to to place an item in the shopping cart, a small […]



It is possible to accomplish whatever you want in your life. The steps to get there may not always be easy but it is possible. Take time to examine your goals. Take small steps if you need to. Do something everyday that will contribute to your goals. You can be a champion in your own […]


Live Happy!


The Gift of Encouragement

Have you ever been inspired by people just by looking at them? Has anyone ever said anything to you and you found that you felt so much better afterwards? Have you ever started to feel healing taking place because someone said inspiring words to you? Anyone can speak inspiring words, and give you compliments,  but […]