My Squad: All In This Together by Jonathan Morrison

 Have you ever had friends who got your back every if someone mess with you? I do. My friends Brandon, Rowell, Razari, Javonte, and Darroll are my squad who will be never replaced.

We had a lot of things in common that we’re going through in reality in our life even our relationships with our girlfriends. We hang out every day at Deltona High School, Deltona, Florida. We talk about our different interests and our life, we got a real connection together. Darroll is the funniest kid that you’ll ever see. He makes strange noises that’ll make you laugh everyday when you have a specific class with him. He makes me laugh and made my day. Brandon and others were there for me when I’m done or having a bad day, they always be my bros. This is a true friendship that will always look out for you and you will do the same. Don’t mess with my squad. To earn their trust and friendship, you must have social skills, eye contact, and respect their personal life. If we ever have a contract that I can give my personal business to you and yours to me also put you in my lies and make sure you don’t ignore my signs when I’m in trouble. We help each other out and have a connection to build a strong friendship. I had an awesome friendship connection with my squad forever. Friends = Trust + Respect.

by Jonathan Morrison

© Copyright 2016 by Jonathan Morrison

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