Honorary Doctorate Degree

Notes of Inspiration is being honored today by The American Bible University today for Global Empowerment. They bestowed an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity to Executive Writer, Patrice Tankard.

We are feeling honored for our hard work of touching lives through Notes of Inspiration. Over 50 countries log on daily, we have 7 global ambassadors, we are on the Board of Counsel for 2 children orphanages in Nagpur, India, and we serve the under-served domestically through empowerment. We are blessed through the Grace of God.


Class of 2016 The American Bible University — in Atlanta, Georgia


The President of The American Bible University, Dr. Olayinka Olubunmi, is preparing to “Hood” Patrice Tankard before bestowing the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree. 


“The Hooding” by Dr. Olayinka Olubunmi, President of The American Bible University


I’m thankful to my princesses for attending my graduation. Kirsten surprised me last night and drove to Atlanta from Tennessee. Ellice and Justin arrived a day early to spend fun time in Atlanta. I arrived the day after with my driver. Many thanks to my eldest princess, Chestna, for remaining to “hold down the fort” at Notes of Inspiration. I love you all. I could not have done this without you! 




Ellice and her husband, Justin attended the graduation.
Ellice and her husband, Justin attended the graduation.

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