My Future Career After High School by Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison has been our teen writer for Notes of Inspiration for several years. He is aging out and this is his last article.  We appreciate him and have enjoyed having him on our team.

My Future Career After High School by Jonathan Morrison

When I was a high school freshmen at Deltona High School in 2012, I always wanted go to college after high school and get an Associates of Arts (A.A.) degree in Digital Media at Seminole State College.

I designed and created my own website with and posted my hobbies and creativity. I designed my own logo for my website but I designed several logos and went with a perfect logo that is just right for the website which I created with Adobe Photoshop CS6. I started YouTube on October 28, 2010, then started making my own videos but my videos weren’t getting many views. So, I found a solution. I edit ed my videos to make them better and to get more views with Sony Vegas Pro 14.

The extracurricular activities I previously participated the past 5 years are Special Olympics, water boy for Deltona Wolves Varsity football, and I’m currently flagman at New Smyrna Beach Kart Club in New Smyrna Beach at New Smyrna Speedway behind turns 3 & 4. When I have my personal free time, I play video games like Call of Duty games on Xbox 360, make videos for my YouTube channel, make stop motion races, and I make my own racing flags.

Digital Media inspires me to do web design to create awesome animations and my own website. I play creepypasta games on PC and record them with Mirillis Action! I do all of this during my personal free time. I take my education seriously and want to pursue my career. I want people to take their education seriously and pursue their careers in their future.


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