Summer School

Teaching Summer School allows me the opportunity to help high school students to work towards completing course work that they did not complete during the school year. Usually students are happy to have the opportunity, but most of them express their feelings about having to repeat lessons that they should have learned the first time or even the second time around. But participating in Summer School can be a great time for students to regroup, reevaluate, recuperate and refocus on meeting goals.

The concept of Summer School can be the same in our daily lives. Sometimes we make decisions that may lead us to have to repeat a life’s lesson. This is a form of “Summer School.” For example, I am attending a life’s “Summer School” of my own because I am learning how to recognize “red flags” when I am in a relationship. Learning how to recognize and respond to red flags can prevent disappointment and pain later.  I am repeating a lesson I should have learned and my Summer School involves regrouping, reevaluating and focusing on healing. When I complete this life’s lesson, I will not have to repeat it anymore and that’s what Summer School is all about. It’s about learning, completing and moving on.  No matter how many of life’s Summer Schools you have to attend, learn from them, continue to grow and move to the next level. Happy learning! 🙂

Patrice Tankard

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