Black Friday My Way

Black Friday seems to be one of the most exciting events of the year. It happens right after Thanksgiving and it’s a time to get a jump on Christmas shopping. In my family traditions, we use Black Friday as a time to recuperate from the Thanksgiving Holiday. Relaxation at home is what we enjoy. I love Black Friday because it’s the day that I shop at home. To make it fun, the activities at my home include shopping online on safe and secure websites with promo codes. There is plenty of food and treats and many times I choose to wear my favorite satin pajamas.  There’s drinks and coffee, plenty of sweets and spectacular finger food. Black Friday is also a time for me to catch up on reading a book, watching a movie, talking with friends on the phone, and all things that make me feel content and happy. If you participate in Black Friday and you go out shopping, have fun but most of all be careful.   I am not a fan of shopping and certainly not on a day that many people are out competing for sales on gifts. I choose to have a private and relaxing party at home with family. That’s Black Friday my way and I love it! Happy Holidays and be safe.

Patrice Tankard



Shopping at home is fun, especially when you can have exactly what you want to eat. 


There’s always plenty of fruit and cheese at my house.


I love cake and cupcakes are my favorite! 


Chicken fingers, onion rings and mozzarella sticks with honey mustard sauce and marinara sauce serve as great finger food! 


After my online shopping, I wind down and cuddle up with a book, and cup of tea and a treat.

Life is about being happy and marching to the beat of your own drum. I do not care what the world or the majority of people may be doing at anytime. If it does not suit me, I do not do it. I will probably never leave my home to go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. I choose to enjoy that part of my life and host a private party. Live your life according to what is best for you and not according to what the crowd is doing. 

Patrice Tankard

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