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(Photo: I’m at a care center founded by Dr. Calvin & Dr. Catherine Jones sorting through donations to give to children)

Don’t wait until the holiday season to help others. Be sure to take into consideration that everyday is not a happy time for everyone. Some people have a difficult time every time of year. There are many children who do not have a lot to look forward to. Find a way to make a child smile every season. Get involved in the community and share time, love, encouragement and even toys if you can. If you and your family have shelter and food, then you have more than many. The best gift is taking time to give to others who are less fortunate. This photo was taken a few years ago, but it has inspired my project #designingforcharity , in which I now design  luxury accessories for charity.  All proceeds are donated to children of families I have been serving the past 3 years in Volusia County, North America,  who are in need of  food and clothing. Please consider taking the time to help someone else.

Please check out the links below:

Luxury Tote Bag Collection:

Shoe Collection: (More shoes are being designed. Check back soon)

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