The Beginnings

Notes of Inspiration was founded in 2009. My oldest daughter, Chestna, came up with the name and has been our web administrator from day one. Our website address was my first and last name, which you can see in the photo. But after going global in 30 days with over 32,000 visitors, we decided to purchase our domain name of I had to retire my old sweatshirt hoodie in this photo, but I’m working on designing hoodies with our new domain name on them. We have been serving over 50 countries daily since 2009. Thank you for helping us to celebrate over seven years of service. We love you!  (In this photo, I am vacationing in Virginia at The Wilderness Presidential Resorts) #NOICelebration #TheBeginnings ~Patrice Tankard & The NOI Team

Note: Vacationing at Wilderness Presidential Resorts is highly recommended if you are looking for a place to spend time with nature and for fun. The rustic log cabins are cozy and inviting. There are also fitness centers, lakes, and activities like canoeing, paddle boating, mini-golf, frisbee golf, fishing, camping,  an Adult clubhouse, 6 playgrounds and an Adventure Park for kids and more!  I will never forget my experience the week that I spent there. I was able to clear my head, gather ideas for more writing for Notes of Inspiration and most of all, I got a chance to relax. This was a pivotal point in my life and it has inspired me to inspire others. I plan to visit the Presidential Resorts again soon with a new focus. I have a lot to celebrate in this phase of my life. Always celebrate your growth and accomplishments! #PatriceTankard #TravelWriter #Spotsylvania #Virginia







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