Fox Brothers Bar-B-Que Atlanta, Ga.


While in Atlanta on assignment for a musician job, we decided to check out Fox Brothers Bar-B-Que for dinner. It’s rated #1 as one of the top seven best Bar-b-ques places in Atlanta. When we arrived we had to wait to park. The restaurant sits on a semi-corner near a main highway. There were people standing outside in line and people were also enjoying eating outside at tables. The parking wait involved waiting until someone leaves. We waited about 30 minutes. We decided to sit it out and finally someone left. Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is friendly and upbeat. We had to wait another 30 minutes to receive our food. We decided to get it to go and eat back at the hotel. I have to say that the wait in the parking lot and the wait in the restaurant were more than worth it. I ordered the smoked half-chicken plate which was about $14. My sides were crispy tater tots, spicy sweet baked beans and Marconi and cheese. The half chicken was beautifully and slightly charred. The taste was so delicious and super juicy on the inside. It really didn’t need any bar-b-Que sauce but I indulged anyway. The mild sauce had just the right amount of tangy zest and “kick.” Even though it took thirty minutes to get back to the hotel room, I noticed that the tater tots were still crispy. That was impressive. The baked beans were smooth, thick and pleased the palate. The macaroni and cheese tasted like down home country cooking! Fox Brothers Bar-b-Que is located at 1238 DeKalb Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30307. Please go and check out Fox Brothers Bar-B-Que. You will not be disappointed!

Patrice Tankard

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