Make the New Year Great!

Be determined to stretch yourself to do something that you have always wanted to do but have not done yet. This has nothing to do with new resolutions, but it has everything to do with fulfilling and following your dreams. Be encouraged and step out on faith and step out of your comfort zone. I believe in you. Go ahead and do it. Happy New Year!

For years I have written songs and music for and with other people on their projects. This year it would be interesting if I would write for my own projects. That is totally exciting! 

God is so wonderful. All of the equipment that I have I was blessed with. I did not purchase anything. There are people who believe in the gifts in my life and the vision and destiny. They are the ones who spent thousands of dollars to provide the tools for my musical career. Their blessings will be without measure. I thank God for them.

Do your best and make it a great year!

Patrice Tankard


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