The Historic Oakdale Cemetery Walk

This weekend I am working on my script and character. I will be re-enacting the part of Amanda Worthy. Amanda Worthy was born in 1872 and worked as a Midwife who helped provide medical services to the black community. Join me and the cast next week on on the 2019 Historic Oakdale Walk! #actorslife

Do something that helps you to connect to history and your community. Until the next post, I love you!

Patrice Tankard
The Script
Preparing for the character photo shoot
Costume Jewelry
Choosing costume jewelry for the Amanda Worthy costume
Amanda Worthy (1872-1932) Midwife and Ward nurse, who along with several Caucasian doctors brought great medical services to the black community in an era when Colored people were not equally acknowledged or valued to enjoy privileges at the same degree as others.
Patrice Tankard is re-enacting the part of Amanda Worthy at the Historic Oakdale Walk.
Patrice Tankard is an actor, musician, producer, designer, model and the founder and Executive Writer of Notes of Inspiration.

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