The After Hours Walk

This past weekend the “After Hours Walk” at the Memorial Hospital & the Burgess Pavilion was spectacular! As cast members of the “White Coats and Caring Hearts” production, we were able to continue Part 2 of the production at these two sites. Our last production was the 2019 Historic Oakdale Walk in the Oakdale Cemetery. We portrayed giants in the medical field who fought for the lives of patients and the right for needed hospitals in the 1900s. I portrayed Amanda Worthy, nurse and mid-wife. She delivered babies, black and white. She also housed black patients in her home so that they could discreetly recuperate from surgeries that were done in secret by white doctors who risked their lives and careers to help. Colored people were allowed to have minimal medical care but they were not allowed to have the privilege of surgery and sometimes prescription medication during the 1900s. In our acting production, we portrayed doctors who risked their lives to put patients first, regardless of color or race. Many white doctors risked their lives to help black patients in a time when black people were not allotted medical treatment or other services on the same level privilege-wise. Our tour guides did a fantastic job touring our guests through the Memorial Hospital and the Burgess Pavilion.

At first, I was nervous during one of my performances, but it was overwhelming how the audience received me. Each audience during their tour approached me and was elated at my performances. There were so many warm smiles, compliments and lots of hugs.

Be encouraged to take time and spend time with people while doing something that will impact and inspire others. Until the next post, keep inspiring and have fun too!

Patrice Tankard

Guests enjoyed the tour of the Historic hospitals and were awed by the performances of the actors’s presentations.
The Burgess Pavilion was built for black people in a time when there was little medical services for them. This hospital exists today and is a spectacular museum full of history.
Deb McShane, our cast director, production manager and theater expert is pleased with our performances.
Shawn from California is portraying one of the black doctors during that time, Dr. Starke. I am portraying Amanda Worthy, a nurse and mid-wife who hid patients in her home who were recuperating from surgeries that were done in secret before they returned back to the hospital. #whitecoats #caringhearts #actorslife
Here are some of the cast of the “White Coats Caring Hearts” After Hours Walk & Cemetery Walk Tour.
This is my favorite photo from Part 1 of the “White Coats and Caring Hearts” Tour from the Cemetery Walk Tour. Part 1 was actually performed at Oakdale Cemetery. We had our own lantern and performed before guests on the tour. Phenomenal!
Click Here to see photos from the Cemetary Walk “White Coats and Caring Hearts” Tour.
White Coats and Caring Hearts Cemetery Walk Part 1 at Oakdale Cemetery.
This was such an amazing experience! I met and worked with some of the most amazing and nicest people. They all come from different backgrounds and walks of life. It was amazing to watch these cast members get into character and bring history back to life. It was an honor to be asked to participate in this acting production. Life is good! #actorslife #livingmybestlife

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