The Respected Musician


Most do not realize how many hours are spent by a musician who is preparing for events, gigs, church services, choir rehearsals…etc. For example, by the time I get to someone’s microphone and organ/piano, I’ve spent several hours the night before and 25 to 30 hours the last two weeks, practicing on the instrument, learning all parts and lyrics for the sopranos, altos, tenors and bass, teaching those parts and singing and playing those parts. So, for every 2 hours I spend at your event delivering music, I’ve already spent 15 times that amount behind the scenes preparing.

Musicians make it look easy because we put in the time when no one is watching and that is why we can touch the depths of souls with what God has given us. A musician really must understand who he or she is and embrace his or her value.

Never allow anyone to minimize the worth that is yours. Musicians have more power than they reveal. The musician controls the mood and atmosphere of any event or situation and thus should not operate by the ignorance of anyone who does not understand the depths of what the musician brings to the forefront. More to come…

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