Check Your Vision

Today is a great day. The first thing on my agenda today was to visit the eye doctor. After several eye exams today, it has been determined that I will need glasses. This is such a lifestyle change in that I have never needed any eye correction. However, my eye physician commended me by saying that my eyes are in fantastic condition and that as everyone ages, there may need to be some slight changes. The exams were a little intense, and I struggled with the dilation of my pupils. However, I must admit that the best part of this visit was trying to select the frames for my eye-wear. The variety of frames was amazing and my Eye Technician made it even more fun with his hilarious expressions of approvals and disapproval’s of the frames. We laughed and had so much fun as I tried on numerous frames to create a look that coincides with my lifestyle of being a musician/producer, designer, actor and educator.

As this continued, I started thinking about vision correction in my life. My vision of my hopes and dreams, and while I am constantly working on it, I must make sure that I check my vision for my other vision. In other words, my focus on my hopes and dreams(my other vision) must be clear and free from any blurriness or distortion.

Today’s visit was an “eye opener”. I realized that my physical vision should be clear and my spiritual vision in terms of my hopes and dreams should also be clear.

Setting goals and working on them is a great way to keep my vision clear while working on my dreams/vision. Never let anyone or anything cloud your vision as you follow your other vision, which are your dreams. Check your vision and make sure that you can see your other vision through your spiritual eyes. Until the next post, follow your dreams and make sure you can see clearly while you are doing so!

The frames that I chose are designed by Steve Madden. The final product will be completed in about 10 days. Stay tuned to see my new look with my new eye glasses!

Patrice Tankard

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