I Can See Clearly Now

After putting it off for the past two years, I decided to get an eye exam. Over the last year it became difficult to read. Reading is my favorite pastime and I was in denial about needing eye correction. When my friends and I would go out to dinner at our favorite hangouts, it was difficult to read the menu, and when my food was brought to me, it looked blurry on the dinner plate. So, I made an appointment to see my Optometrist. The visit was so pleasant, the exams were a little extensive but doable.I tried on so many eyeglass frames. But my eye technician was so wonderful in helping me to choose frames that complimented my lifestyle of being a producer, musician, actor, designer and educator.

Eye care is so important. I can see better now than I have in years. It will take some getting used to in trying to remember to keep up with my eyeglasses, maintenance…etc. However, it is more than worth the effort. I have only worn my eyeglasses for one day and already the compliments keep coming and even from strangers. One gentleman thought that the “sexy cat-eyed frames matched the gorgeous movie-star eyes behind them.” Well, I am not sure about all of that but I do appreciate the admiration and most of all, I am very happy with “the look” and elegant and sophisticated aura that I experience while wearing them. New glasses and a new outlook on life is what I am feeling right now. I can see more than menus and food on my plate. I can see clearly now my future and greater things to come. Until the next post, keep your vision clear, follow your dreams and always live your best life!

(Eyeglasses frames by Steve Madden)

Patrice Tankard

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