Kindness Always Wins

Today, as I was standing in line at Publix to order a Sub, a beautiful elderly woman was in front of me trying to place her order. Because she was in a “Sitting Shopping Cart,” she was not able to see the Deli Technician. As both ladies were trying to see each and practically shouting over the large salad and meat service case with no communication success, I decided to offer my help. I leaned over and asked the lady what kind of sandwich she wanted and what she wanted on it. I relayed the message to the Deli Technician who was practically hidden behind the deli service case. Meanwhile, there was a long line behind us and some of the people waiting in line became slightly irritable. As the technician continued to prepare the elderly woman’s sandwich, I asked the elderly lady her name. She said her name was Mary. She wanted me to place her order as an Ultimate whole Sub on Multi-Grain Bread, all veggies, garlic pickles and all peppers, including Jalapenos with Mayonnaise and spicy mustard.

I noticed that Mary was sketching a photo on an index card. The sketch looked just like me. I said, “Mary, is that a drawing of me?” She said, “Yes, it is. I appreciate you for helping me to place my order today. I want to leave this with you.”

Mary sketched this drawing of me while I ordered her sandwich for her. She told me that she was an artist and she was a writer for a News Paper. I feel so privileged to have met her today!

I thanked her and gave her my business card. I told her that I have a blog and would like permission to post a blog about this. She became so excited and exclaimed, “I’m gonna be famous!” I looked at her and said, “Well, over 50 countries log on everyday. If that is what being famous is, then your debut is tomorrow!”

I told her that it will be posted by morning and that all she had to do was to type in the website off of my business card. I had never seen such a more beautiful smile. She lit up like a Christmas tree. By this time, the Deli technician had completed preparing the sub and she handed it to me to give to Mary. I turned around and looked at the people in the line. They all were smiling and a few placed their hands over their hearts as if to say that this was such a heartwarming moment. Mary thanked me over and over and rode off with excitement.

There is nothing like being nice to people and helping them. I made a new friend today. Take the opportunity to help someone if possible. Kindness is always a win-win situation. It feels great to help others and it is such a blessing to give. Today was a great day! Until the next post, keep being nice and kind to others. Kindness always wins.

Patrice Tankard

Patrice Tankard

6 thoughts on “Kindness Always Wins

  1. Pam says:

    Mary is an amazing woman and has blessed my life many times over with her compassion, humor and generosity. She is a bright light shining Christ love wherever she goes. ❤️

  2. Kimberly Saylor says:

    Thank you for your kindness. I’ve known Mary for many years and she has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. She constantly gives of herself – it’s nice to see her receiving kindness back. God bless!

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