Unlock Your Miracle

I will probably never get over this miracle as long as I live. It may not mean a lot to some people, but it would mean a great deal to a musician who has been longing for his or her own instrument. I traveled with a recording choir as an auxiliary keyboardist for years. During that time I desired a particular keyboard that cost thousands of dollars. It was my dream keyboard and it had the capability to be used to perform live on stage for music and television productions and in a recording studio. A few of my musician friends and I would fantasize about owning such a spectacular piece of recording equipment. It was my secret prayer daily. Making trips to the music store to test it out, and gathering pamphlets and brochures about it only increased the desire for it.

One day there was a knock at my door. It was a Christian woman that I’d known for a few years. She said, “I came here because God has laid it on my heart to buy you keyboard/recording equipment. He asked me to do it two weeks ago. But I tossed and turned and could not sleep. He kept nudging me in my sleep to get up and come to you. I would not do it. However, I cannot take it anymore and I hope you know what keyboard you want. We must do this today and right now!”

My legs felt like rubber and I thought I would pass out. Unbelievable! The shock and excitement was too much. Immediately, I told her where the music store was and we rushed over. There was dead silence in the car on the way there. My mind was racing and it felt like fainting was the next step. Inside the music store, I saw the keyboard and played it. It cost a few thousands. The music employee suggested that we purchase a sturdy case to protect it and that was a few more hundred dollars. The woman agreed. I could not believe this was happening! God actually answered my prayer through someone else and I didn’t have to pay anything for it!

A few days later, the woman called and said, “Patrice, I have been trying to buy a house for me and my children for over a year. But as soon as I purchased your keyboard and recording equipment, God answered that prayer for me immediately! I know it was because I blessed you. Now I am blessed!”

This really taught me a lot about prayers and miracles. Some miracles are supernatural and some miracles are based on people obeying God. This woman did not know that I desired a keyboard and recording equipment. I told God that and he put it on her heart to buy it. However, she felt that it was too much to do and she was hesitant. But, by her being obedient to God, He opened up the doorway for her blessing!

So, I learned that life is about giving. You could be the answer to someone’s prayers. If you obey the voice of the Lord when he puts it on your heart to help someone, do it. Your obedience can be the one thing to unlock doors and answer prayers in your own life! That woman did not get her miracle of owning a home until she obeyed God in purchasing my keyboard and recording equipment. That one gesture unlocked her miracle. Until the next post, examine your prayers. Listen to your soul. Some of your prayers may depend on you being obedient to something that you should have done. Be open to it and unlock your miracles!

Patrice Tankard

Note: The other lesson that I learned from this experience is that while praying and asking God for something, please know EXACTLY what you want and the specifics to go with it. When he answers the prayers it comes quickly. That woman was already hesitant and nervous about what she was getting ready to do for me. She was almost about to change her mind. But if I did not already know exactly what equipment that I wanted or where it was located, it would have irritated her terribly. Know exactly what you want and when God opens the answers your prayers do not hesitate!

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