Be vigilant, be prayerful, be helpful, compassionate, loving and merciful. Storms approach everyone. It can be a physical storm as in weather, or it can be other types of storms such as relationships, finances, emotions, economic, career and job-based and other challenges. All storms have this in common; they can be stressful, intimidating, unstable, overwhelming, and sometimes painful with sorrow. However, preparation, kindness, patience, respect, honor and a heart to care and share can make any storm situation smoother for all involved. Take care of your family and look out for others regardless the type of storm. May God grant peace and restoration. Our prayers go out to all affected by this storm and all storms of life. Keep praying. #DorianTheHurricane and #TheChallengesOfLife

Patrice Tankard & The Notes of Inspiration Team

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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