Many years ago, I married very young and had children. Eventually I divorced and set out to raise my children with the commitment to be the best mother that I could be. Those stages in my life were not easy but we made it through. The best part of that time in my life was being a mom. But each stage of my life now is exciting and filled with wonderful experiences as well as challenges. The stage of my life at this moment is particularly magnificent. Being single again, well established in my career, and with the kids all grown and on their own, life has an interesting flavor and I love it. I really miss being an “everyday mom” and sometimes I find myself looking for opportunities to play that role again with them. But I have learned to “embrace the space” that I am in and to make the best of it. I can travel more frequently and participate in activities that I didn’t have time for previously. Being “single-single” means that I am not married and I do not have children at home. So, I do not have the responsibility of being a wife and everyday mom. That makes me single twice over. Of course, this is my definition and my perspective. I feel that I have earned this great space in my life. With God’s help I was able to raise three daughters practically alone, earn two college degrees, travel as a performing and studio musician for over 10 years, with appearances on national television with song writing credentials, enjoy the privilege of being a cast/family member on a reality show with Bravo TV, and serve as a high school educator for almost two decades.

My busy life sometimes limits time for a social life, but dating is still included in being single-single. However, dating does not tie me down and I’m free to explore the world of culture, writing, music and other interests. Nothing can take the place of spending time with that special gentleman at cultural events, movies, concerts and our favorite eateries. Having the freedom to make spontaneous decisions without having to ask or consult anyone is one of the best perks. I can share my time as I please, I don’t have to cook dinner for anyone, I can eat out as much as I want to, catch a dinner show at a whim, attend  festivals,  go on vacations and get-a-ways more than once a year and many other options. However, having total freedom is the reward for being dedicated and I feel blessed to experience this stage with so much joy. If you are single or single-single, embrace your space and enjoy your life. Make the best of it, create and enjoy new opportunities. But by all means consider yourself blessed!

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