Reflections of 2019

How did you do this year? Did anything unusual happen this year? What blessings did you enjoy? What challenges did you overcome? At the closing of this year it is a time of reflections. If you made new year resolutions and you succeeded at completing them then that is awesome! But if your resolutions or goals did not come into fruition, do not despair. Being alive is the biggest blessing of all. Being alive makes it possible to start all over or improve. You have made it this far, so keep going. It is not too late to improve. You can be what you want to be. You can improve in any area that you desire. I am glad that you made it this far. Congratulations and go treat yourself. Happy New Year!

Today’s Listening Party selection is brought to you by Eric Darius and “Night on the Town” Sit back, relax, listen and enjoy!

Love always,

Patrice Tankard

Eric Darius

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