Be Encouraged

During this pandemic our lives have practically turned upside down and with much uncertainty. But please understand that there is something even more contagious than any virus and that is fear. Do not allow fear to saturate your heart. If you spend hours everyday watching the news and absorbing the negative things that are spoken or illustrated, it will begin to affect your mental, emotional and physical health. Fear and stress can break down the immune system because the body is not designed to accommodate them. The overload of fear and stress can lead to illness. So, start from the root. Change the way that you allow information to enter your ear and eye gates. Trust that we will get through this with the right mindset. Spend hours reading, thinking, and listening to positive aspirations rather than negative information. Get the highlights of the news and important information in just a few minutes rather than spending hours of brain-washed saturation of negativity and fear. Love casts out all fear. Keep living and keep loving. Walk in love and faith and not fear. Always stay in control of your thoughts and be mindful of the images that your eyes see, the things that your ears hear and the words that your mouth speaks. Stay in touch with family and friends. Keep love alive and be encouraged.

Patrice Tankard

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