Praise the One Who Made You

“Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord, O my soul. I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” Psalms 146:1, 2

God in all of his majesty is worthy of all of our praises. Need we say more? He is the true and living God, the great I AM, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace and he is the Royal Majesty.

I choose to praise the one who made me. He is the potter and I am the clay. It is my choice to allow him to make and mold me into what he wants me to be. The process is long and slow at times. But no matter how long it takes for God to mold me, I am to give him praises continually. I will bless the Lord at all times. His praises shall continually be in my mouth. If no one else ever deserves praise, the one who created me does. Praise the one who made you!

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