Exit Stage Left!


Today, the vocalists from GFAME were on assignment at a music venue. I’ve been doing music with these ladies for eleven years. One of our favorite things to do is to wait until the “Exit Stage Left” happens. It’s a theater term used that alludes to an orderly departure of the guests and or audience. We wait until everyone leaves and then try to capture photos of the beautiful and rare instrument, the Hammond B3 Organ.

The Hammond Organ is an electric instrument invented by Laurens Hammond and manufactured in 1935. You can hear this instrument in many genres of music today on radio, television, movies, videos, live streaming..etc.

Today, I was able to play in an actual “Musician Pit.” It reminded me of my travels as a musician for a recording choir I traveled with for many years on tours, concerts, music productions, television and venues.

All of the musicians should be together so that they can read each others’ cues and provide professional delivery. Inside this pit was the Hammond B3 Organ, the Leslie speaker, several electronic keyboards, a set of drums that was strategically placed behind the infamous fiber glass wall, other equipment, headphones, modules and everything else that was just a musician’s dream space.

My favorite thing to see was the sign on the door that said “Musicians Only. Do Not Enter.” There is so much expensive equipment, wires, cables and ropes swirling everywhere that it would be a liability for someone to enter who knows nothing about the professional musician lifestyle and equipment responsibilities.
We are relaxing and taking photos after “Exit Stage Left” Thank you, Dr. Latreace Flynt!
(Tanesha and Vivian: Not pictured)

The Hammond Organs are rare and highly treasured. That is why we try to take every opportunity to document when we find one. Many thanks to one of our vocalists, the beautiful Dr. Latreace Flynt for capturing these amazing photos. You may have seen some of her Black and White Photography work in the Post link below: http://notesofinspiration.com/2019/07/28/the-black-hammond-b3-organ/

Take time to document special moments in your life with your friends, family, loved ones, co-workers and just life in general. Build memories and and embrace experiences in happiness. Until the next post, exit anything negative and enter into your positive space. The world really is a stage. Your Act and scene is up next! Go!

Patrice Tankard

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