Helping Globally During the Pandemic

We at Notes of Inspiration are supporting ones in need here in North America and we are very proud of our Ambassador of Nagpur, India, Pastor John Damley and his efforts in meeting the need in his community.

Pastor John Damley has been Notes of Inspiration’s “Voice of Nagpur, India” for almost 10 years. I have worked with him as a consultant for the Mandru Children‘s
Orphanage since 2012.

In some parts of the world, there is still a lockdown during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pastor John Damley and the Bethel Church Kanhan of Nagpur, India have been our partners here at Notes of Inspiration for almost 10 years. He and his ministry were blessed to be able to help provide food for families and also migrant works in need during this time: Here is the latest update from Pastor Damley:

“We want to say thank God. We have no any veg kits and today we were worried and we wanted to distribute vegetables kits to needy people. We want to say thank God for We have got kits by God grace to provide to needy people. Now we want some grocery for in this week to provide 50 grocery kits and 50veg kits to 50 needy people in this lock down.”

Pastor John Damley

Pastor Damley and the ministry was also able to feed Migrant workers in need.

Here is more information if you would like to help those in need in Nagpur, India:

Vegetable kit for one family – just $2 Australian Dollars (100 INR) #covid19#makedifference #feedthepoor We are distributing vegetable kits for 200 poor families every week in India. Please donate & support our fundraiser.

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