Happy Birthday in Heaven!

Happy Birthday to my son, Quintince Raynard Mitchell. Mommy loves you always! R.I.P. (Photos: Quintince and his father and Quintince respectively)

I usually reflect on Quin’s memories quietly. However, this year I wanted to share this chapter of my life that many did not know about. I want to be an inspiration to anyone who may have lost a young child or who knows of a family who has gone through this. If anyone has lost a young child, you are not alone. Quin died of Meningitis. I also want to encourage awareness of this epidemic. Immunizations to prevent Meningitis was not yet available when Quin was alive. We are grateful for the time that we had with this sweet and intelligent little boy, who was doing things ahead of his time even for his young age. Thank you for allowing me this rare opportunity to be this transparent. It took a lot of nerve for me to share, but if it can help at least one family not feel isolated and alone, then it’s worth it. Thank you again. Love you all! Patrice & The Tankard and Mitchell Family. #LivingToInspireOthers www.notesofinspiration.com

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