White Coats and Caring Hearts

Playing the part of Amanda Worthy – Midwife and nurse of the 1800s who worked alongside white doctors who risked their lives to provide medical treatment to African Americans. Amanda worked with these doctors who performed surgeries on colored people late in the night in secret. She then hid the patients at her home to help them recuperate. These doctors risked their lives and careers to help colored people to receive prohibited healthcare.

(Repost from 05/04/19)

Last night was the first night of the Historic Oakdale Cemetery Walk Tour and I am playing the part of Amanda Worthy, a Midwife and Ward Nurse from the 1800s. The theme this year is “White Coats and Caring Hearts”. All cast members were placed throughout the cemetery with lanterns and we re-enacted out our stories for the audiences on the tour. I haven’t done any acting since the Reality show. This was totally refreshing and so much fun. #actorslife

I am playing the part of Amanda Worthy, a Nurse and Midwife in the 1800s.
We have an amazing cast who are re-enacting doctors and nurses back in the 1800s and 1900s who helped to provide medical care for colored people in a time when black people were not experiencing services and privileges on the same level as others. Thank God for caring hearts!
Me and another cast member who is playing the role of a doctor are on our way to our story-telling stations in the cemetery before it gets dark.
Some of the cast members are on their way to their storytelling stations before the guests arrive.
Guests are arriving. Let the tour begin!
Let me tell you a story about my life as Amanda Worthy, Midwife and Nurse in the 1800s, who helped colored people to receive medical services in a time where black people did not enjoy the same type of privileges as others.
Guest are enjoying learning about history.
This was an amazing experience. #actorslife

Re-enacting historic figures brings about a connection to history and the spirit on humanity. Thank your for visiting our website. P.T.

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