Proceed With Caution

We are now in to the year of 2021. Last year was such a challenging and intense year for the entire world. We are still yet in a pandemic, and there are still many challenges. However, there is still hope and there is progress. As we continue to grow into this new year, we should continue to believe God for help, strength and miracles. We should continue to love one another and help each other through kind gestures. Being kind is rewarding for all and we should persevere in love and diligence. Continue to walk into this new year with faith. It is wise to keep our spiritual eyes wide open and to “keep our ears to the ground.” Do not become distracted with public or global drama. Pay attention and listen to what the media “is not” saying. Pay attention and look beyond global distractions. Stick together in mankind and human commitment. We do not know what the year 2021 holds as we walk in together, but we should go forth together with courage, power, love, hope and compassion. With faith, a positive mindset and with everything within us, we should move forward into 2021, and by all means we should proceed with caution.

Patrice Tankard

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