Happy Birthday to All “May” Babies!

It is the end of May and we are still celebrating birthdays in May in our family. We have quite a few! We are ending the month with a Virtual Birthday Party. Some of our members live out of state. This party was designed by the Guest of Honor, Ellice! The theme is “Donuts” Take time to celebrate your love ones no matter what time of the year it is! Welcome to the “The Notes Club Room”.

Patrice Tankard

For your Virtual Party, choose a theme and place activities, stickers, themed-T-shirts, themed sun glasses, non-perishable treats, hand-written notes, birthday cards of whatever you choose to make the party fun! Ship items to family members out of town and personally deliver to family members in town.

The T-Shirts were a Limited Edition and designed by Flowing From the Rock, LLC. “Donut Be Jelly of My Shirt” The sticker on the coffee mug says, “Donut Lose Your Sprinkles.”

My Grand Royals had so much fun! #TheCoolKids

Family members who live out of state can join in on the fun too! Kirsten looks amazing!


Themed Sticker “Donut Ever Stop Smiling”

Special delivery by the Guest of Honor and my Grand Royal! Happy Birthday, Ellice!

Me and the Grand Royal! Priceless!
Themed sticker
Themed “Donut” Sun Glasses

Some of the activities included in the Donut Gift Bag was a painting project. These are wooden donuts that are to be painted and then placed on your refrigerator. They are magnets!

I do not know if I did a great job painting, but I had a lot of fun! That’s what it is all about. I will be placing these Donut magnets on my refrigerator.

These Donuts are delicious. We had so much fun hanging out as a family. I cannot wait to see what is next.

Always make your life fun!

Thank you so much for hanging out with us here at “The Notes Club Room”. Remember to spend time with love ones and make life fun and memorable. We love you! Patrice Tankard

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