Teaching During the Pandemic

We have come to the end of the 2020-2021 school year. This has been such a rough year for everyone during the pandemic. So many people in the world lost jobs, good health and their lives. As educators here in Florida, many of us were hesitant to return to the classroom during the pandemic. After being in isolation for many months and by teaching to students online, it was frightening to think about coming back to a face-to-face situation. There were around 1800 of students enrolled at the time at our high school and 900 came back Face-to-Face. It was such a difficult time with water fountains being covered and taped up with signs indicating non-use. Everyone had to have a daily temperature check at the front gate and wear a mask at all times. However, this post is written for one reason. I want to document it for my children’s children’s, children. Many years from now they can learn about their great-grandmother’s life during this pandemic and understand that she taught high school during one of he most challenging times during her life and in world history. Take time to document significant moments in time and place it in your archives for your loved ones.

Students worked from desks with plastic shields while also wearing masks.
This poster reminder was posted throughout the entire campus.

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