Congratulations, Patrice II! Now on to Middle School!

(In this photo, Patrice II is playing the ukulele, a skill she learned as one of her electives this past pandemic year)

Today we celebrate my Grand Royal, Patrice II. She has completed Elementary School and is moving on to Middle School! How time flies. She is my namesake and 10 years old. When she was born, I referred to her as my first “Grand Royal.” I do believe that children are Majestic and grandchildren are royal. Many thanks to her other Grandmother, Grand Queen Beth, who hosted the celebration with a “World Culture” theme. Grand Queen Beth taught World Culture, Geography and Music to Patrice II during the pandemic. Patrice II studied the cultures and prepared cuisines of places such as Japan, Korea, India, Israel, Italy, Spain, Greenland, France, Hong Kong, Turkey and many more. My Princesses daughters Chestna & Ellice and their families attended and Princess Kirsten attended virtually from Tennessee. We enjoyed cuisines represented from all over the world. Scroll down and enjoy. Thanks for hanging out with me and my family.

Patrice Tankard

Grand Queen Beth used this beautiful China which has been in her family for generations.
The finger sandwiches and tea were delicious with a flair of London England.
In this photo, I am preparing to pour my tea. The open-faced sandwich was tasty and delicious!
My tea was amazing!

We had loads of family fun. Chestna and Jim’s children got to spend time with Ellice & Justin’s children. It was great to be with family! We all had so much fun!

Grand Queen Beth, Princess Chestna, Sir James, Patrice II #family
Princess Ellice & The Grand Royals & Sir Justin #family
Sir Justin & Grand Royal Princess Jojo #family
Sir James & Family
Family fun
Grand Royals Princess Jojo & Prince Arthur
Grand Royals – Cousins
Grand Royals Prince Arthur & Prince Samuel
Grand Royals
All Four Grand Royals are together again! #family #cousins
Patrice II had fun opening her gifts.
Grand Queen Beth #family

Many thanks goes to Grand Queen Beth for hosting the celebration. Kudos to her for spending over 38 weeks assisting my daughter with the curriculum and for teaching Patrice II World Culture, Geography and for teaching Patrice II how to play the ukulele. Because of the family’s international travels, Patrice II was able to experience some of the fashion as well as the cuisine. Great job, Grand Queen Beth!

Patrice II is wearing an Indian Sari made of Silk from India.
Patrice II is wearing a silk Kimono from Japan.
Patrice II is wearing an Apron from Nigeria made of extravagant fabric.
International Fashion
Patrice II visits an Elephant Sanctuary.
International Cuisine.
International Studies
International Studies
Princess Kirsten #family

Many thanks for Princess Kirsten dropping in by way of Tennessee Virtual to wish her niece, Patrice II all of the best for beginning Middle School soon.

Patrice II’s Grand Queens, Grand Queen Patrice and Grand Queen Beth #family

Congratulations on completing Elementary School and entering into Middle School, Patrice II. It really does take a village!

To all of our Notes of Inspiration family, thank you so much for hanging out with us. Celebrate your family, have fun, be safe and live out loud! We love you!

Patrice Tankard & the NOI Team

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