Dining is Intimate

When someone asks you out to dinner, it really means something.  Dining with someone means that there is a connection. The connection can be business, personal or spiritual. Great food and good conversation are rewarding when sharing a meal with someone. I personally love fine dining at best,  complete with table cloths, extraordinary silverware, glassware, extravagant food choices, an elegant atmosphere and most of all good company. I enjoy spending time with friends in a dining setting. I also enjoy spending time with loved ones from time to time. The most rewarding time to dine is with someone who is in your life who is loyal and who genuinely loves you. It is a time to share the happenings and experiences of life and most importantly hopes and dreams. Dining with that special one should be focused and enjoyable. It’s a great way to decompress, laugh, and have fun. If you have someone to share special moments in dining, take the time to enjoy that person and embrace the intimate experience of sharing a meal and life.

Patrice Tankard

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