Throwback – Twinkie Clark

In 2009, Recording Artist, Twinkie Clark of the Clark Sisters called to talk to me. She said that someone told her that I was one of the top Hammond Organists in the business. She was scheduled to do a concert in Orlando, Florida. She was busy trying to recruit a professional band to assist her. There were 10 songs to learn. She asked if I would be her guest organist. I immediately agreed. For three weeks I practiced the songs that she chose. She called me several days a week and listened to me rehearse the songs. She realized that she needed back up singers. Kirsten & Ellice auditioned over the phone and were chosen. Twinkie Clark was in Detroit, Michigan and we were in Florida. The rehearsals over the phone were awesome. This is one the highlights of my career that I will always treasure. Thank God for gifts and opportunity.

Patrice Tankard

There was a band of nine musicians who also had to learn the 10 songs. I’m here at the concert on the organ directing the band. It was awesome!

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